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15 Never-Before-Seen Inventions That Solve Annoying Problems



Small problems that crop up during a typical day, like a dead phone or tangled headphones, always cause a feeling of annoyance. Today there are many innovative products that alleviate those annoying problems that can generate stress or inconvenience.

For example, who wouldn’t want to find the keys to the house without all the fuss? or who wouldn’t mind being able to call the girlfriend at any time of the day without thinking about the mobile phone battery? Although it sounds simple, sometimes these small obstacles create delays, losses and headaches.

Some may think that these problems are too vague, perhaps it is absurd to think that things like these have no solution. However, there are 15 weird, original, and little-known inventions that could overcome these pesky little problems we’ve all had to deal with.

Innovative products to solve annoying problems

Technological and scientific advances have generated unprecedented changes and, in everyday life, there are many innovative products that you wish you had. These products arise from innovative ideas that change lifestyles and thinking.

The 15 incredible ideas

Product innovation is a task that does not stop, new intelligent and sophisticated products are born every day. Here are 15 innovative products that can really make life easier and make the world a better place.

1- Benches that can be rotated if they are wet

Benches that can be rotated if wet

Some benches that can turn if they are wet, so you can avoid getting wet when sitting

Have you ever come across a dirty or wet piece of furniture where you have no way to sit down? With the same principle as a roller blind, you can find rotating benches, a piece of furniture that by turning the crank located on the side of the bench it is possible to activate a mechanism that allows the seat to rotate in case it is wet or dirty.

2- Headphones that do not tangle

Here is the most ingenious but at the same time most banal remedy to prevent headphones from getting tangled in your pocket: zippered headphones! First of all, the zipper will prevent the phyllis from rolling together, saving you that hideous waste of time untangling them.

Second, electrical circuits can be kept intact and always running, without risking compromising them! A nice double advantage! The tangle-free headphones can be taken anywhere you want! They will never get tangled!

3- Slide for stairs

Are you in a hurry and there are no elevators in a public park? Why not take the slide? Among the innovative products, this invention has also been designed for interiors with spiral staircases lined with a slide that will make your home look more like a water park!

4- Emotional jacket

Sound and picture immerse moviegoers in the heart of the action. The engineers of the Dutch company Philips go further: they want to use the sense of touch of moviegoers by making them physically feel the emotions of the characters, thanks to an “emotional jacket” full of sensors.

Are you anxious about heroin? The jacket shrinks a bit to oppress you. Do you have a knotted stomach? You too, when the jacket squeezes you there. At the moment it is not clear if it will be destined for the cinema market or for home cinema. The truth is that it is a fascinating invention!

5- Backpack with integrated hood

Integrated hooded backpack

Among the inventions, this backpack is preferred for its versatility and originality

Among the different innovative products, this backpack is one of the favorites. A great invention. How many times have you been surprised by a sudden downpour in the middle of an excursion? How many times should you have gotten soaked with the weight of your backpack on your shoulders? Maybe the k-way were too small to cover you and the backpack.

How to remedy these inconveniences? There are those who designed a backpack with a hood! So: for simple convenience! A backpack with an integrated hood will solve two problems for you, you will carry your personal belongings and you will be warned against bad weather.

6- A phone with a solar panel

Imagine a phone that you can recharge with sunlight! In addition to being a quick solution to the problem of running out of battery, it is also a clean way to recharge your mobile that respects the environment. Wherever you are, as long as there is light, you can charge your mobile.

7- Rechargeable batteries through the usb socket

This type of rechargeable battery is undoubtedly one of the most ecological! Just plug the USB stick into a power outlet or computer and the battery immediately recharges, ready to use as many times as you like!

8- A cup of drop

It is a very particular mug that solves a very common problem: in the morning and in any family kitchen. Thanks to this trick, that hateful drop of coffee that always remains in the cup after pouring it ends up in a slot in the bottom of the cup, thus avoiding unexpected stains on tablecloths or clothes.

9- Pens that copy any color

Pens that copy any color - innovative products

A pen that gives you more than 16 million different colors

After the pressurized pens for astronauts who also write in the wet, now you can buy this true witchcraft that is capable of replicating up to 16 million colors! Equipped with a lithium battery, it weighs less than one gram and is capable of replicating colors thanks to internal sensors. State-of-the-art technology, without a doubt!

10- Device to track keys and wallet

This is one of the best innovative ideas. Are you forgetful? Never find your keys or wallet and are you afraid you left them at the supermarket on the other side of town? No problem: with a Bluetooth detector you can track your personal items wherever they are, even at the Polo!

11- A heated coating

Researchers in Germany have designed a transparent, heated coating that, when deposited on a car window, can prevent moisture and fogging on your windshield. No more moisture on car windows! An excellent invention.

12- Water purifier

An invention to purify inadequate water! Soak any cotton wool for 20 minutes in an inexpensive solution that contains silver nanowires, then connect it to two electrical cables to pass a little current through it and pour it over water unsuitable for consumption. innovative products

Twelve volts is enough to instantly electrocute bacteria and make the water almost drinkable, without the need for a pump. Because it filters out dead bacteria, this method is harmless and makes your water drinkable in less than 20 minutes.

13- A ring that is a mouse

A ring that is a mouse - innovative products

A ring that provides great versatility and gives you the opportunity to control your screen easily

This small device uses augmented reality and a camera that allows users to control the cursor on the screen, using hand movements on the desk or other surface, similar to what would happen with a plastic and metal mouse.

For the future, the team also plans to dematerialize the keyboard, which would end the problems of hot tea spilled on the keys.

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14- An incentive to use garbage baskets

Here’s a very strange and hopefully equally useful way to encourage the use of baskets in public places: “the” trash can. ” You only need to make a basket. Try to do it, otherwise the invention loses all its meaning!

15- WC with built-in television. The best of innovative products

Can you imagine having a television screen on your bathroom floor? It is no longer just an imagination, it is now reality. The screen placed on the floor allows you to watch TV even without being comfortably seated on the sofa, but in another place: the bathroom is an option!

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