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17 Most Dangerous Places in the World



Traveling to the most dangerous places is a way to keep dreaming and to escape from daily reality. However, there are places that it is not advisable to go, unless you go with a precise objective. Discover the most dangerous places in the world: inhospitable, desert, high temperatures, full of poisonous creatures, among others.

However, if you are one of those adventurers who likes to jump off cliffs, ride roller coasters, hit the accelerator to the full or go solo in distant lands, we have many options for you. Some very difficult to explore and others that will only surprise you. Whatever it is, we will awaken your craving for emotions.

Get to know the 17 most dangerous places in the world

Traveling to the most dangerous places on the planet can be an adventure, however, you must be careful. The world is beautiful because it is varied and in addition to pleasant and captivating places it also offers deadly places.

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one- The Lake of Death, Italy

Lake of death

The Lake of Death, Italy

No name could define it better: the Lake of Death in Sicily, Italy. Here, in fact, any living organism dies due to high concentrations of sulfuric acid, coming from two sources at the bottom of the lake.

two- Danakil, Ethiopia


Danakil, Ethiopia

Danakil is a poisonous desert located in Ethiopia. A volcano hides beneath its surface and is surrounded by a foul odor released by its vapors.

3- The Yungas Route, Bolivia

Yungas Route

The Yungas Route, Bolivia

Alias, the road of death, this mountain road is located in Bolivia. This road is especially dangerous during the rainy season, it is a tangle of blind curves and hairpin bends, the most lethal in the world.

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4- Sable Island – The Ship Eater, Canada

Sable Island

Sable Island – The Ship Eater, Canada

It is an island near the Canadian port of Halifax, where the warm Gulf Stream and the cold Labrador Current meet. Here, the sand dunes change color and, in the particular circumstances of sea storms, the island seems to disappear.

5- The forest of Aokigahara, Japan


Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara is a spooky ancient forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. It is the place chosen by those who attempt suicide, so much so that each year between 70 and 100 bodies are found.

6- Okefenokee Swamp, United States

Okefenokee Swamp

Okefenokee Swamp, United States

Okefenokee Swamp is located in the state of Georgia. This pond is populated by carnivorous plants of all kinds, by large swarms of mosquitoes and insects, poisonous frogs and snakes, as well as thousands of alligators.

7- El Camino Real, Spain

royal road - World's most dangerous places

El Camino Real, Spain

Definitely, traveling to the most dangerous places on the planet can become a great feat. This trail is one of these impressive and dangerous places that can be part of your adventure.

It is located in Spain and runs through the El Chorro gorge, near Álora, a small town not far from Malaga. It is a very difficult route and absolutely forbidden for those who suffer from vertigo.

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8- Lake Kivu, Africa (border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo)


Lake Kivu, Africa (border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

One of the largest lakes in Africa. The lake’s waters, 500 meters deep, hide an impressive amount of dissolved gas: carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, generated by the underlying volcanic activity, and methane, produced by anaerobic bacteria that populate the seabed.

The waters are usually calm; however, a minimal earthquake would be enough to generate a true catastrophe. And there would be no trace of the inhabitants.

9- Devil’s Pond, Zimbabwe

Devil's Pond - World's Most Dangerous Places

Devil’s pond,

Our next dangerous place is at the top of Victoria Falls, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. This is the devil’s pond that takes you to the edge of a cliff more than a hundred meters high.

It’s a deadly torrent

It’s certainly high, but it’s mostly torrential! The volume of water can rise in the blink of an eye and potentially land you in a fatal dive.

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10- The Island of Snakes, Brazil

The island of snakes

Snake Island, Brazil

This small green environment, peacefully located off the Brazilian coast, is indeed one of the most dangerous places in the world.It is literally invaded by snakes! But not harmless snakes, no no! It is infested with Jararaca-ilhoa: The most poisonous viper in the world.

eleven- Cave of death, France

Death Cave, France - World's Most Dangerous Places

Lake Kivu, Africa (border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Gouffre Berger Cave, known as ‘The Cave of Death’ has a depth of more than 1,200 meters and in its dark womb it also houses a lake of impressive beauty. However, many explorers have died trying to enter it.

12- The Pool of Blood, Japan

pool of blood Japan

This evocative place in Japan is characterized by the high temperatures of its waters and the high concentration of iron salts that give it a particularly intense red color.

13- Miyake Island, Japan

Miyake Island, Japan - World's Most Dangerous Places

Miyake Island is a Japanese island. It is considered dangerous due to the strong earthquakes it is usually subjected to. In addition to the eruptions of the Oyama volcano.

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14- Ramree Island, Myanmar

Ramree Island

The island is located near Burma and has entered the Guinness Book of Records for the dangers reserved for humans and animals. During the war, the Japanese hid there from the Americans. Only a few survived.

fifteen- Saltstraumen, Norway

Saltstraumen, Norway - World's Most Dangerous Places

The strongest current in the world is found in Saltstraumen. The danger in this place is constant, but it increases exponentially at high tide. It is absolutely not advisable to navigate in these waters at any time, despite the fact that the landscape is very spectacular.

16The Kjeragbolten, Norway

The Kjeragbolten

The Kjeragbolten, Norway

Climb on a rock suspended almost magically above a bottomless fjord? Normal! The Kjerag rock is an emblem of Norway. But also one of the dangerous places on our list!

A stone embedded

This stone is simply wedged between two cliffs. Such is the tradition among the most daring: climbing the rock and staying suspended in nothingness, with a truly spectacular landscape as a backdrop.

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17- Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron - World's Most Dangerous Places

Lake Natron, Tanzania

It is pink, it is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful nature reserves in the world, but it is a true ornithological cemetery! He lake natron in Tanzania it is one of the most dangerous places in the world, for humans and animals.

Its particularity

This lake has the peculiarity of being salty and highly alkaline. Its pH is almost equivalent to that of ammonia. At the slightest touch, the water inflicts excruciating pain and literally petrifies bodies.

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