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5 exercises for all ages (Health is within your reach)



Throughout our lives, exercise is a healthy company, even achieving many effects that drugs achieve chemically. Practicing it is sometimes seen as something very difficult and sacrificing, but it must be based on achieving exercise at the level of improving health.

Physical exercise and its benefits is not only for athletes or high-performance athletes, since there are exercises for all ages, which will help your health. No strenuous or uncomfortable activities required, but of a constancy that achieves the balance of the organism and a healthy body weight.

Several investigations show that the practice of exercises achieves a higher quality and life expectancy. These studies reflect that the best effects are observed in people who perform physical activities on a regular basis since young.

It is a wish of all live better and for a long time, so there are exercises for all ages that make it possible. Both strengthen the joints, improve the menopausal symptoms and prevents urinary incontinence are the benefits of these activities.

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The 5 best exercises for all ages

As is clear, there is a series of exercises that, without being high performance, contribute to short and long-term health at any age. That is why we suggest the following 5 activities.

Practice swimming

exercises for all ages 4

Practice swimming

Without a doubt, this is a perfect exercise for all ages, since the sustainability offered by water removes the load on any joint in the body. In addition, it allows highly fluid movements regardless of the age of the practitioner.

Swimming activities are highly recommended for patients of any stage of life with arthritis. On the other hand, burns calories and helps tone the muscles of the body. Their regular practice is also a releasing stress and accumulated energies.

Practice tai chi

Although this Chinese martial art is often attributed to older adults, it is actually one of the best exercises for all ages. It is a harmonic combination of movements that at the same time relax those who practice it.

From its origin it was thought of as a healthy activity for the body and mind, being widely used to treat and prevent diseases. The smooth passage from one movement to another allows to regulate an exceptional balance and equilibrium of the body.

Perform strength exercises

exercises for all ages 3

Strength exercises

Surely you once thought that strength exercises or lifting weights was something that not everyone could do, much less at an early age. Well, it is totally wrong since strength exercises do not require high loads to be effective and healthy.

It is not about gaining a lot of muscle mass, so you can lift objects with a relatively light weight and achieve healthy results. You can maintain the strength of your muscles, burn calories and even influence the preservation of brain function in old age.

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Walking as a healthy exercise

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Walking as a healthy exercise

Although it seems simple, walking is something really effective to maintain shape and control blood pressure. But not only that, walking will help to strengthen bone structures, improve resistance, regulate cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease and diabetes.

Studies show that it is one of the easiest exercises for all ages to practice. In addition, this activity is integrated into the life of any person, even within routines to make better use of time. It is advisable walking at a comfortable and steady pace for a minimum of 45 min to an hour.

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Kegel exercises as a healthy solution for everyone

exercises for all ages 1

Kegel exercises

The importance of these exercises is not having a more athletic body, but rather work on the muscles that support the bladder in the pelvic area. With the evolution of age, incontinence to urinate is very common and these exercises prevent it.

Although it is women who most identify with these exercises, men can also receive their benefits. This activity should not be ignored since prevents afflictions and improves short-term health status.

The most important thing is that you link daily activities with physical exercises, in order to optimize the investment of time in your health. Whether at home or at work, linking the exercises for all ages mentioned is simple and highly recommended. Do your best to lead an active and healthy life.

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