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5 Sports you can practice at home



Did you know that only 21% of young people train regularly today? Physical exercise is one of the best options to take advantage of your time without leaving your home. This article will show you some interesting and original options for how to use your free time. There are 5 sports that you can practice at home.

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Table tennis, two rackets, two friends


Table tennis

Also known as “ping-pong”, it is one of the favorite games for family and friends. Around 40 million people choose this sport to enjoy its benefits.

It emerged in the late 19th century in England and has spread throughout the world. So much so, that it has become one of the favorites in Asia.

For a healthy enjoyment of any sport it is essential to know its rules and how to play it:

    The participants each stand at one side of the table with a racket in hand. The start is decided randomly. The ball can only be served twice per player. If it hits the net when leaving, the serve is repeated once more. When the ball touches two or more on one side of the table, the opponent scores a point. If the ball passes to the opposite side and leaves the table, the striker scores. This is true whether or not your opponent touched you.

This game is one of the sports that you can easily play at home. Besides being an entertaining and social hobby, it has many benefits. Improve players’ reflexes and sharpen hand-eye coordination.

The table has dimensions of 2.74 cm x 1.525 m and is placed 76 cm from the floor. This allows it to be in the backyard or anywhere that meets the measurements. Of course, you will need a few extra meters to play.

Basketball, to keep you agile and fit

Sports you can practice at home 4


Basketball is a very energetic and lively sport. You can enjoy this game in an open space like the patio or the garden. It consists of two teams of five people. They face each other during four short game, of ten or twelve minutes each.

    The objective is to put the ball in the opponent’s basket and prevent the opponents from doing the same.The ball is manipulated only with the hands. This can be tapped, passed, thrown or bounced in any direction. On jumping occasions between two players, the team captain will choose the person who will take a free throw. The game stops until the player throws.

This sport that you can practice at home perfectly, is the favorite of many young people. The best is that you can adapt it, for example, placing a single basket. This way, even a smaller number of people can play.

Improve the motor skills of the players. Exercise speed when thinking, provide confidence in yourself and in your colleagues. Reduce stress levels, while keeping your muscles in shape.

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Archery, something new, without leaving home

Sports you can practice at home 3


Archery is a rare hobby to see on most lists of sports that you can practice at home. However, it is one of the most original options to consider.

Since the dawn of time, it has been a skill that humans have been proud to master. Our ancestors used the bow for hunting. It was a faithful instrument of war and in some cultures it was part of ceremonial events.

    The mechanics of this sport are similar, in essence, to the game of throwing darts. In the case of the bow, the objective is to shoot the arrow as close to the center of the target as possible. That way you accumulate the most points.

Among the benefits of its practice is the fact that it increases the level of concentration. Archery also helps improve arm-eye coordination. It helps to develop your Visual field and to polish reflections. In addition, it is an admirable sport of which you can show off with friends.

Chess, put your mind to exercise from the table

Sports you can practice at home 2


The brain is one of the most important organs in the body. Exercising it is necessary to maintain good mental faculties for many years. Chess is a sport that you can practice without leaving the table.

Its origin is a mystery, but the most accepted story places its birth in Asia, perhaps in India. Simulates a war between kingdoms, emphasizing attack and defense strategies.

It is played between two people on a board of 64 squares that alternate between two colors. Each opponent manages an identical set of pieces that would be his army.

It has several pieces, each with particular movements:

    The king moves only one square in any direction The queen can take the same moves as the rook, bishop, pawn or king The bishop moves only in one color and on diagonal lines The rook moves horizontally and vertically along The board The knight walks in an L shape divided into four squares The pawn can move two squares at the start and one in the rest of the game, as well as eat other pieces diagonally.

Chess does not need a lot of space, a table and two chairs will suffice. This sport stimulates analytical skills and information synthesis. Encourages imagination, creativity and trains memory. It is the ideal sport to stay at home.

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Bodybuilding, little space, higher performance

Sports you can practice at home 1


Being a bodybuilder is a personal commitment that requires a lot of perseverance, willpower and discipline. If you are one of the people who do not give up, this is a perfect sport to spend time productively.

    It is a physical activity based on exercise with weights It is aimed at increasing the muscles and shaping the figure There are several categories: senior and junior, female fitness, male fitness and bikini fitness, suitable for men and women.

This is a sport that you can practice at home very easily. With little space and with your own home furnishings, you can have the best gym in the world at hand. It is one of the most productive activities, which will keep your body in excellent condition.

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