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6 useful apps to enjoy at home



“Stay home” has become a very popular slogan today. But for people who have children, it can get a bit difficult and exhausting. The biggest challenge in these times of quarantine throughout the world is to keep our children busy in entertaining activities that promote their education.

If you have already run out of ideas and you don’t have any more stories and games to invent, here are some options that could be very useful. These are 10 activities you can do at home in confinement, with a little help from technology.

Some useful Apps for enjoy at home:

CreAPP Tales

Surely this application will be very helpful, because it is not so easy to invent a story every night when our little one goes to bed. This is why CreAPPuch saves you all the work. So you don’t run the risk that your child will dislike him, since he will be able to create his characters and events. This is one of the useful Apps to enjoy at home and very easy to use.

All you have to do is download it to your device. It doesn’t matter if you use IOS or Android as it is available for both.

Boy holding tablet with useful application to enjoy at home

You must draw the conductive line of history

Steps to use CreAPPcounts

· The first step is always the most important, but not at all complex. Once you download and install the application, you must select the plot on which the story will revolve.

· After choosing the theme of the story, you must draw the leading line of the story. They can be pirates, zombies, princesses, animals. Also, if you want, you have the option of incorporating mobile emojis that will give life to your story.

· You decide what your story is about because you are the one who writes the script.


Another useful Apps to enjoy at home with your children is Desk. What does it consist of? Well I will tell you that this App is very educational. It is aimed at children up to 8 years old. As its name implies, it is like a virtual classroom for the little ones, with very interesting content that instructs them and guides them towards science.

School desk helps children to develop their skills. It also encourages reading and study at an early age. With it you can exploit all the mental potentialities and make you a better student.

Video conference of several people at the same time

It is quite interactive and serves both adults and children at home


Another useful app to enjoy at home and with the family is Houseparty. This application is quite interactive and is suitable for both adults and children. Its uses are various:

One of the utilities that it offers us is to do video group calls. You have the possibility to create your own personalized group to chat and chat with your friends.

· In addition, this social network allows you to create a room where you select some of your friends to play: together, as a couple or as a team.

· The games you find here, beyond the interactive and exciting, educate and instruct the child.

It is available on both IOS and Android and you can download it for free.


Using notebooks you can keep your child up to date with all their academic requirements. Here they explain, evaluate the contents and is a good substitute for their teachers. Give it a try and you will see that this is great. Download it for free.

10monqueys Multiplication

10monqueys Multiplication is another of the useful Apps to enjoy at home and keep your children busy. What does it consist of? Well as its name implies, it is an App that helps children learn multiplication tables in an interactive way. Imagine a Candy Crush but with monkeys. This App works the same way.

The mission is to free some monkeys that are imprisoned, but instead of gathering candies of the same color (as in Candy Crush), you have to carry out some multiplication operations.

Question 2

Another option of useful Apps to enjoy at home in this quarantine is Question 2. This game is also very educational and offers the possibility of playing in groups. It consists of answering some questions on any topic, with a comprehensive general culture. The team that accumulates the most points becomes the winner.


Another useful Apps to enjoy at home is Vod. Through it you will enjoy interesting cinematic spaces and will keep you up to date with all the new releases of movies or series that come out. If you are a lover of the seventh art, this application is ideal for you. Don’t miss the opportunity to try and download it. Available on AppStore

8 fit

Another useful app to enjoy at home is 8 fit. It can be used for teenagers and children as well as for adults. Its functions are to keep us fit in our homes, since we cannot go out to run or go to the gym. You can put a training plan according to your possibilities and physical capabilities. If you want to use it, its version is free, and it is available to you on both IOS and Android.

Colorful flowers and a butterfly

This application will be to your complete liking

April Coloring

If you are a fan of painting, this application will be to your complete liking. April coloing is one of the useful Apps to enjoy at home, ideal for taking a break and expressing your emotions through art. Take the opportunity to do family activities. Its download is available for iOS and Android.

Aba English

Another useful application to enjoy at home is Aba English, which is educational to learn English. You can subscribe or use the trial use that is available. It offers help materials, articles and exercises to consolidate the contents. It’s a good way to use your free time. Available on both Android and IOS.

Wooden house with a light on in the dark

The goal is to discover a family mystery

Gone Home

If you are a lover of drama and action, I recommend that you use the Gone Home Apps. The goal is to uncover a family mystery by completing a series of challenging missions. The story is very striking and captivating that hooks you from the first moment you play it.


This App is also for studying English. It is made up of a very fun structure with questions according to your level (A1, A2, B1 +) to promote the study of grammar and command of the language. Also available on iOS and Android.

You should definitely try these and other useful Apps to enjoy at home.

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