A strange structure resembling a rose found in Mars. Could life be possible there?

Throughout history the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States (NASA) has found multiple possibilities of alien life but nothing has been confirmed yet. Back at the year 1947 there were countless speculations about the Roswell incident. UFO hunters stated that what was found there were the remains of a spacecraft and that all the crew was involved in a cover-up made by the government. Whether that was real or not it is still a myth but now alien hunters find a new hope for life in Mars.

A strange structure that resembles a rose is making alien hunters go crazy about the issue. The object, which was spotted in a photo taken by NASA' s Curiosity Rover, resembles a rosebud or some other form of unknown plant-life. UFOlogists claim that the rose could mean alien life could actually be possible to develop in Mars, if plant-life exists that means alien life could also develop and reproduce.

How was it discovered?

The finding was made by Scott Waring from the ET Data Base while searching among old photos taken by the rover. He found the photos on the website Gigapan, which shows high resolution panoramic photos of Mars. The component images of this mosaic were taken on Sept. 1,2016, during the 1448th Martian day of Curiosity ' s work on Mars by a Mastcam's right eye (telephoto-lens). 

When explaining the finding Waring says that the image also shows other subjects that are, in his opinion, the remains of an ancient civilization that lived in Mars. He claims, however, that the white rose is the one that called his attention the most because it shows that even if the planet has little oxygen, life could develop there. 

Waring wrote in a blog post: ʺ I found loads of ancient artifacts from an intelligent civilization in a Mars photo today, but one thing really caught my attention… this white rose ˮ. ̏ This white rose is on the lower left side of the photo. This white rose is actually a rosebud… that’s a semi-closed rose. It has a long stem and a single leaf on its right side. It even appears to have a baby one growing not far from it. I did have to take the photo which NASA put into false color (red/ brown) and made it normal again. But this is amazing to me. Proof that a type of life, probably plant- based still exists on Mars today, a white rose of hopeʺ.

What could it mean?

According to Waring the existence of a rosebud in Mars could mean the possibility that other types of life resembling the human one could develop in Mars. In spite of the little oxygen with which the planet counts, if a rose could survive, other types of life could also do it. The rose is only a sign of what could be possible and other of the various examples of the interesting formations that alien hunters have previously spotted in Mars.

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