A young man survived for more than 20 days in outdoor Alaska

For more than 20 days a young American endured the polar cold and snowfall in Alaska before being rescued by a helicopter that was looking for him. He was made homeless by a fire in his shelter and had to find refuge from the harsh weather in order to survive.

In a video posted on Facebook on Friday by local authorities, Tyson Steele, 30, appears signaling the helicopter. In the snow he had written a large SOS.

His cabin had burned in mid-December. His dog died in the fire and he was isolated at freezing temperatures and without media for 23 days according to the Alaska police.

The young man was found safe and sound on Thursday in this area where he lived since September, far from any inhabited place. His incredible struggle to survive told by the "State Troopers" of Alaska, was published on their website.

When he left his shelter, the roof was on fire. He barely had time to recover some things.  After the fire, he made an inventory of what he had left to eat and calculated for thirty days of ration.

That night, the temperature was 15 degrees Fahrenheit (about -26 degrees Celsius), according to authorities. The first two nights of his survival adventure, Tyson Steele slept in a snow grotto. Then he built a "makeshift shelter." His phone did not work, and the young man lacked the means to communicate. He was more than 30 kilometers from a residential area and heard that there was someone who lived about 8 kilometers away.

Surrounded by snow, one day he decided that his salvation could only come from the air. The young man then drew a huge SOS in the snow with ashes.

He will surely return to live in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his family. Steele had better luck than Christopher McCandless, hero of the book and the movie "Into the Wild," found dead in Alaska after venturing voluntarily into an uninhabited area.

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