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Anonymous revealed that it infiltrated the US, Russia, China, Chile and Lebanon



It was discovered that Anonymous infiltrated in the US, Russia, China, Chile and Lebanon.

Anonymous hackers keep making a lot of noise. This time, they have published a list of governments that have been victims of cyberattacks, including Twitter (@ (YourAnonCentral) in a new message that the organization has been working with the United States, Russia, China, Chile … noting that they have broken into government institutions in Lebanon.

Recently, the linking of Donald Trump and the criminal network of the late Jeffrey Epstein The network of hackers that published the documents has been able to achieve with their actions so far It showed the scope and revealed a lot of information of a powerful government.

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What steps did Anonymous take

Measures that Anonymous took due to its infiltration in countries such as the United States, China, Russia

Anonymous infiltrated in the U.S and other countries

The latest attack resulting from this revealed a “secret” on the Minneapolis Metropolitan Police Department website a few days ago and the attack made at the Chicago Police Department entrance to the radio system for This was done in order to broadcast the song “Fuck the Police”.

These computer attacks were the result of abuse by a white police officer who was killed by an African American. This was done in the wake of the George Floyd incident, which has sparked protests across the country.

The attack on Russian intelligence

Reports of the intrusion into the Russian FSB in July 2019 are also anonymous. This time 7.5 terabytes of data was stolen from a large contractor and this intelligence service. We have managed to expose secret projects.

These projects blocked anonymity in surfing and by removing social media sites, the Russian state has taken the Internet out of the world. It was aimed at helping cut, Forbes reports.

Investing China to support the protests

In November 2019, when thousands of protesters from Hong Kong (an autonomous Chinese territory) challenged the Xi Jinping regime Anonymous hacked multiple websites and files in China, and was able to create usernames, phone numbers, and included email addresses, passwords, and other data of government officials.

This is all part of the #OpHongKongong campaign, and the protesters’ demands were met.They ensured that the attack continued until it was completed.

Chilean documents on display

Chilean documents on display

Its infiltration in Chilean documents led to several controversies and questions

In December 2019, Anonymous reported that “more than 70,000 cases of the Carabineros de Chile (Chilean National Police) hacked documents, maps and other sources of information,” he announced.

The tweet contains a link to the file. However, this address is no longer available.

Breaking into Lebanon’s Ministry of Finance

Anonymous also infiltrated Lebanon. The other cyber attack Anonymous refers to is the attack on the Lebanese Ministry of Finance for an hour. It was occupied by hackers to the point that

“Dear Lebanese government, if you think we have forgotten you, you are wrong. We have all the data from the Ministry of Finance that will be leaked soon! We will not leave our people behind # “Wait for us” was sent by the organization to the Lebanese authorities after the attack. Message.

We already know that Anonymous infiltrated pero … what is Anonymous and where does that name come from?

It is believed that at the beginning of the millennium a group of hackers was formed in the depths of 4chan, a growing forum for hackers, and where messages from those without a profile would appear as “Anonymous”.

The book and movie “V for Vendetta” inspired the Guy Fox masks, which became a clear symbol of the group, which is believed to have about 1,000 members.

What steps did you take Anonymous?

The current attack on the back of George Floyd’s protests prompted the group to reveal alleged secrets surrounding the United States government and various celebrities, although more are expected to come when they seek what they perceive as some form of justice.

A list of names was published called “The Little Black Book of Jeffrey Epstein”And spoke of a direct threat to the United States government. President Donald Trump and his family were included, and he was threatened that more could come.

Previous measures have been taken against companies or organizations with which they do not agree. These include the governments of Egypt, Australia, Iran, and Zimbabwe; PayPal, MasterCard and other financial institutions that have terminated their relationship with WikiLeaks for similar reasons; the anti-gay Westborough Baptist Church in Kansas; and the Church of Scientology.

Measures include infiltration and inaccessibility of the organization’s systems, deletion and sharing of data, and other methods that cause disruption or confusion. The recent hack of a US government contractor, HB Gary, has resulted in the publication of thousands of employee email addresses.

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What are the objectives of Anonymous

The objective of this organization in consequence of said leaks

What are the objectives of Anonymous?

A spokesperson for the group said they are a force for “chaotic good” and described them as “a free group of people who share the same ideals.” It is difficult to clearly define their goals, but their actions tend to revolve around issues of freedom of expression and to keep the Internet as open as possible.

They claim that Anonymous infiltrated that what they do is a digital form of peaceful protest, although the authorities have a very different point of view, with the incarceration.

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