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Asian tips for hair health



Will it be possible to have beautiful hair without spending money? What is the trick with which Asians achieve their enviable results?

To know if they work on all types of hair, you should try it on yours. Therefore, this post shows you the best Asian tips to improve your hair health.

Read on, use them and the effects will be magnificent.

Do not leave it for later, try it, wash your hair with coca cola and without a doubt you will be surprised

Most famous Asian hair tips

Asian women and their almost magical treatments are worth sharing. Here we leave some of the most important ones.

Rice water. Variants


Rice water

It is a 100% natural tonic that will help your hair health. There are two ways to do it. You can use the one that is most comfortable for you:

You will use:

    1 cup of rice
    1 liter of water
    Cooking pot
    Glass bowl

You will do it like this:

The first variant is very fast. You should only:

Wash the rice with plenty of water Place 1 cup of the grain in 2 glasses of the liquid Let it rest between 20 and 30 minutes Strain it to drain the rice If you get a fluid with a sour smell, it is already Put it in the refrigerator so that it does not spoil Before applying it to the hair, you must add it 2 cups of water. The intention is that you do not use it pure Use it at the end of washing your hair If the smell bothers you a lot, let it rest for half an hour and rinse with plenty of warm water.

The second way you can try this Asian wonder for your hair health is:

Wash the rice until all dirt is removed. The white powder it gives off is starch. For every two glasses of water add 1 cup of rice. Let it sit overnight. The properties of the grain will be more impregnated in the solution The next day, drain the mixture with a strainer. The sour smell will be very strong Take the liquid and put it over medium heat for about 5 minutes When it has boiled, let it cool and store it in a glass container in the fridge You can use it at the end of your washing routine, do not rinse it. If the aroma is very strong, remove it after half an hour with plenty of water.

You already have everything to wear a shiny, silky and enviable hair.

Asian “hair growth” shampoo


aloe vera

Including some ingredients in your conventional shampoo is one of the most famous Asian tips for great hair health. Some of those ingredients are:

Fermented rice water: if you are going to dilute your shampoo, do it with this liquid solution and you will not regret

aloe vera: powerful natural medicine against dandruff and hair loss, favors their growth

Onion: its properties as a stimulator of blood flow to the scalp are amazing. It also helps resist dandruff.

Natural oils


Natural oil

Including a few drops of essential oils in your daily routine will be very useful for your hair health. Which ones to use? Let’s name them:

    Extra virgin olive oilExtra virgin coconut oilArgan fat, among many others.

Common properties

    Will contribute instant shine on your hair It will nourish your hair without the need for expensive treatments Its prolonged use will give it a spectacular look If you use them for night hair massages, they will help you with the growth of the hair strand.

Application mode

Put about 5 drops in the palm of your hand Rub them Apply it all over the scalp. Divide it into 3 or 4 bows according to its length and thickness, and apply 2 drops of the oil on each part.

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Perfect hair in 3, 2, 1 …

If you have noticed, Korean women have beautiful hair and, at the same time, natural. Can this be achieved without being Asian? Well, here are the 6 basic needs so that your hair health leaves everyone with their mouths open.

Nourish and hydrate


Fruit juice

Many ignore the importance of adequate nutrition and hydration for hair growth and beautification. Eating junk foods and neglecting water will have negative consequences across the board.

On the other hand, if you include these elements in your diet, things will be different:

    Vitamins: Biotin, for example, will help not only the development of your hair fibers, but also that of your nailsNatural juices Fruits and vegetables Low-fat and low-salt foods.

Exfoliate frequently


Exfoliate frequently

It is a process that is recommended with monthly execution. How does it help? Well, it will eliminate all the dead cells accumulated in those last 30 days.

How to do it? There are natural routes and others with instruments.

    Rub sugar on hair already damp for 1 minute, then rinse with water. It will not be necessary to use shampoo, it will feel super clean Use a brush with special bristles to exfoliate the hair root.

Clean your hair

hair health 4

Lemon water

Conditioner-only washing is very fashionable. Sure it has some benefits, but never skip the cleaning process. Here are some ways to do it:

Lemon water: it will have a freshness effect on your hair. Use 1 tablespoon of lemon for each liter of waterVinegar water: If you use the same measures as for the previous remedy, you will achieve an effect of freshness and shineBaking soda water: is the hair cleanser more effective and known. Being careful not to overdo the measurements, place 1 small tablespoon of the product in two liters of water. Apply it as a cleaning before the conditioner and you’ll see.

Detangle with caution

hair health 3

Detangle with caution

While you’re taking advantage of the softener, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. You will prevent it from breaking in the future.

Nourish regularly

hair health 1

Use natural oils

The use of natural oils will contribute a lot to your hair health. Every day you can use them in small quantities for broken tips. Over time, I assure you that the change will be radical.

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Provides vigor and strengthens

hair health 1

Egg, mayonnaise, or yogurt masks

Egg, mayonnaise or yogurt masks are recommended every 30 days. The repair effect that your hair will wear will be wonderful.

I show you how:

Beat the egg and apply it to all dirty hair, sectioned into buns. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Use a plastic bag to cover the head. Finally, perform a warm rinse and common wash.

Improving your hair health is possible with Asian advice. What are you waiting to try them?

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