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Belinda and Christian Nodal ended their relationship and delete their photos



Did Belinda and Christian Nodal end their love story? Does this relationship have something to do with the contract on the TV Azteca program, La Voz? Was there really a love affair between these two artists?

Many are the questions that arise when social networks speak for themselves. And it is that the morning of this Friday, August 14, the news of the couple’s breakup went viral.

Followers of Christian and Belinda’s accounts were surprised to see that the couple stopped following each other on Instagram. In addition, romantic photos published a few days ago had been deleted.

Belinda and Christian Nodal

Belinda and Christian Nodal

Of course, in the face of many assumptions, fans blew up social networks with the news of the breakup of the romance: What was it that passed between Belinda and Nodal? Did they break? They are angry? Or they just want to manage their relationship very discreetly.

The Couple of the Moment !: Belinda and Christian Nodal seem to have ended their relationship

Recently, Belinda and Christian have become a news trend on social media due to the beginning of a great love story. However, at the end of last week the idyllic couple, apparently, have changed course.

Their accounts have become an eye-opening source of information. On the morning of this Friday, the fans announced that the famous couple of coaches from the TV Azteca program “La Voz” are no longer followed on social networks.

It is curious to find that in just days of relationship: Belinda and Christian Nodal delete photos and videos of their most romantic moments.

Belinda and Christian Nodal ended their relationship and delete their photos

Did Belinda and Christian Nodal really break up? They are angry? or was the relationship simply false

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How did the relationship between Belinda and Christian?

It is worth saying that the relationship between Belinda and Christian was somewhat unexpected. However, both have told, through some television media, details of how the love affair arose and how this romance began.

Although somewhat reserved, on many occasions photographs of his “love” have been seen.

Even the singer and interpreter Christian Nodal dedicated to Belinda an exclusive song for the program “Venga La Alegría”, with which he made the well-known actress and singer cry with emotion for such an emotional demonstration of love.

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Speculations about a possible love breakup between Belinda and Christian did not wait …

So far neither artist has made statements about the alleged breakup.

Many are the speculations of Internet users regarding this sentimental purpose. Some argue that the couple is going through one of those ups and downs of any relationship; others mention that perhaps one of them discovered something that caused a nuisance, and other opinions say that probably the T program contractV Azteca, ended and with it the relationship.

Apparently this couple was nothing more than the product of publicity strategies for the music program to have more ratings.

It also appears that they are quite reserved with their courtship and that, particularly Nodal, apparently, is concerned about the idea that the relationship with the well-known actress is made public and, therefore, he prefers to stay away from any means that interferes with his loving privacy.

Belinda and Christian broke up

Belinda and Christian Nodal ended their relationship and delete their photos

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Did Belinda and Christian Nodal really break up? They are angry? or was the relationship simply false

For sure, what is handled are only assumptions. The relationship of these two celebrities has very little time and much has been seen in the musical show of La Voz, highlighting their sentimental bond.

What is known so far are the various manifestations of love that have been seen through the networks or on television:

Belinda has publicly said that her relationship with Nodal is not fake, reaffirming that she is happy to have found a “man worthy of her love.” The most important thing for her has been to have found a beautiful love.

Belinda commented: “What it takes for that lasting love is to take care of it, and while it lasts, it must be enjoyed.” This was said in one of the interviews where he talked about their relationship.

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Nodal, for his part, has expressed that he would marry Belinda forever.

After this, finding that photos have been deleted on social networks, and that they have also stopped being followed, caused social networks to explode. And as we see, there are many questions and many speculations. We all want to know what happened!

This romance will not stop being news. Even recently an Instagram story was deleted from her account, where Nodal carries Belinda on his shoulders.

We are confused, we want what has happened to be resolved quickly for the good and happiness of the couple. We hope to know more details about this story to tell you.

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