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Best diets to lose weight fast



Is the warmest season of the year approaching and you want to shed a few extra pounds on your abdomen? Keep reading and you will find out about the best tips and diets to lose weight fast.

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It is a fact that for some people it is very difficult to lose weight, that depends on many factors, such as: bad eating habits, hormonal imbalances, vitamin D deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep, etc. But it is not impossible, as long as you follow the correct directions and ask a specialist before starting any regimen and specify how many calories you should consume daily.

For a diet to fulfill its purpose, you must adapt it to your body, since each organism works differently. It does not have to be too strict either, since this far from being effective can lead to the so-called rebound effect. Instead of eating fried foods, sugary soft drinks, fast food, industrial pastries, cold cuts, sweets and chocolates, you can substitute them for healthier foods. You should also avoid snacking between meals.

Next, we will offer you a comprehensive overview of the foods that you can add to your daily menu, which will help you speed up your metabolism.

Put this diet based on oats, banana and hazelnuts into practice to lose weight

Foods that make you lose weight

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Nutritious salads

Among the foods you need to include in your diet to lose weight fast are the following:


They have a high protein contentThis makes the body take a little longer to process them, thus expending more energy and speeding up your metabolism. They also provide fiber and starch, which are beneficial for the bacterial flora of the intestine.


Despite containing sugar in their composition, they are very healthy and work wonders for snacks and breakfasts.

3- Vegetables

Those with green leaves (lettuce, spinach, cabbage, chard …) have a low level of carbohydrates and calories, ideal to include them in your lunch or dinner as a garnish, and they are very rich in fiber. On the other hand, crucifers (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower …) also contain a high level of protein. These two food groups are widely used by athletes as they improve muscle quality.


Rich in proteins and possessors of healthy fats. They have low levels of calories.

5- Nuts

It is important to know that, due to its high energy value, they cannot be consumed in excess, preferably after playing sports. They contain zinc, iron and selenium, beneficial for the thyroid. About 550 calories provide 100 grams of these fruits.


Salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, and herring alike are rich in healthy fats and iodine. Perfect for fast weight loss

7- Lean meats

They contain a lower percentage of fat.

8- Yogurt

Ideal for breakfast, apart from preventing overweight.

9- Olive oil.

It is a food with a high content of vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, beta carotenes. Perfect to add to your salads.

Next, we will give you a compilation of the best diets to lose weight fast.

This is what you need now, start doing this diet for diabetics and hypertensive people – Forbidden and allowed foods

Most effective diets to lose weight quickly

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Whole wheat bread, fruit, vegetables

1-Mediterranean diet it is one of the most traditional and effective. It consists of increasing the consumption of vegetables, greens, fruits, whole grains, legumes; apart from reducing red meat, sugars and Saturated fats. It is scientifically proven that in addition to making you lose weight fast, if it is enriched with nuts and extra virgin olive oil, the efficiency of your cardiovascular system increases.

A coffee with milk, a natural fruit juice and a whole wheat toast can be part of your breakfast. At snacks you can opt for fruits or fresh cheese and at meals increase vegetables and reduce carbohydrates.

2- The TCL diet It has a more relaxed approach, but it requires a lot of commitment. The plan is to cut down on saturated fats such as whole dairy, fatty and fried meats; replacing them with whole grains, fruit, fish, chicken without the skin and vegetables. It was created by the American National Institute of Health and although it was originally intended to lower cholesterol, it was discovered that it is ideal for fast weight loss.

3- The Mayo Clinic Diet It is considered one of the most fruitful in terms of maintaining a healthy life. In its first phase you can lose between 2.7 and 4.5 kilos, one of its fundamentals being learning to eliminate five harmful habits and increase another five healthy ones. Among which are: the consumption of skimmed yogurts, cooked oatmeal and fruits.

You can also lose weight fast with some homemade and natural drinks, below, we show you several recipes.

Slimming drinks

By drinking these drinks two or three times a day, you will achieve incredible results because these Cleaning your body internally and speed up metabolism.

1- Coconut water

One of the drinks you can have is coconut water. It has low calorie content which helps accelerate metabolism and improves anxiety and nervous system functioning.

2- Tea

Is also green tea and ginger teaBoth are very effective for losing fat, although you will not be able to drink the latter if you have high blood pressure. Various studies show that people who ingest this delicious drink accelerate weight loss by 1.3 kilos more than those who do not drink it.

3- Blueberry juice

They are ideal for removing accumulated fat without complications.

4- Water with lemon

The hot water with lemon apart from increasing the defenses, metabolizes fats; boiling two or three lemons in a liter of water will help increase the results.

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Water with lemon

5- Jamaica water

Get the Jamaica flowers and boil them in water for five minutes. You will be amazed at the results.

6- Celery juice with pineapple

Apart from purifying your body and eliminating toxins, you will be able to lose weight quickly by mixing only a slice of pineapple, two sprigs of celery, a little water and honey to sweeten.

Truly amazing the paleo diet; eat like our ancestors

7- Cucumber, lemon and parsley juice

Cucumber contains vitamin B, omega 3, folic acid, antioxidants and is rich in fiber. When combined with lemon and parsley they work perfectly to lose weight fast.

8- Lettuce, spinach and kiwi juice

Blend a kiwi, three lettuce leaves and two spinach with cold water. Works as an antioxidant and provides extra energy.

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