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Best songs of 2019 you missed



Music is the best eye drops for the soul and the best therapy for pain. If you are one of those fanatics of the show here I bring you a top 17 of the best songs of 2019.

Lose you to love me (Selena Gomez)

The last appearances of the famous actress and singer were featuring with various artists after showing their latest album in 2015. With the debut of the songs of most prominent; “Lose you to love me” Selena decides to report what she suffered in her past love affair with Justin Bieber which she describes as toxic.

With height (Rosalía. J. Balvin, El Guincho)

Who has seen such a pure jewel? Surely you have hummed some of the verses of this catchy song. This song exceeded 1,000,000,000 views on the YouTube platform, making Rosalía the only female singer to reach it.

Sucker (Jonas Brother)

One of the most shocking news this 2019 for the entertainment world was the reunion of the band The Jonas Brother. The premiere of “Sucker” made it clear that the band would stick with their signature style and placed them at number one on all playlists.

Memories (Maroon Five)

Once again the famous group ” Maroon 5 ”, hit their song on the chart with their theme: Memories. This piece is inspired by a canon of classical music, although it added a bit of its style and flavor, making it quite a success.

Make it right (BTS)

make it rigth bts

Make it rigth bts. Most popular South Korean song in the region

Once again the South Koreans They are on the charts. And it is that this youth band has given much to talk about in the last year, with its rapid and growing fame that made its way into the world of music. music. “Make it rigth” is authored by none other than Ed Sheeran.

China (Anuel. Daddy Yanquee, Ozuna, Karol G, J Balvin)

For lovers of the best songs of urban music, this theme will be as sweet to the palate. With a sample of the great icons of this genre, so often; China it became a success breaking language barriers. This highlighted the song over many others and went viral as one of the best songs of the year in a few weeks.

I don’t care (Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber)

I don´t care was definitely a resounding success and one of the most popular in 2019. From Ed, I can only tell you that so far each of his creations has shaken the world. The simplicity and the romantic and beautiful lyrics make your listeners fall in love completely.

All for us (Zendaya, Labrinth)

Both the video clip and the song itself is a schematic representation of what the identity of the artists. It is about an angelic choir from the same sky that establishes a conversation with Zendaya and those heavenly voices are distorted into hellish ones.

You need to calm down (Taylor Swift)

most popular songs of 2019

You need to calm down (Taylor Swift)

It seems that we are in the presence of a new Taylor Swift, more confident on stage and we definitely see this reflected in “You nedd to calm down.” Is a exaltation to people who do not interfere in the lives of others and a bucket of cold water to the envious and nosy. This song is the right one to bring down the bad vibes to anyone.

My favorite person (Camila Cabello, Alejandro Sanz)

” My favorite person ” was one of the most popular in the playlists this 2019. If you haven’t heard it yet, I recommend it and I assure you that it will captivate you coming of these two idols of the song. Who is your favorite person? He is sure to love that you dedicate it to him.

The song (Bad Bunny, J. Balvin)

We all share a special song with that person who moves the floor and every time we listen to it we remember the moments we lived with her. Well, it doesn’t happen different with Bad Bunny and J. Balvin, who, although we are used to listening to their urban rhythms, with the romantic ballad ” The song ” surprised us all.

Bad Guy (Billie Eilish)

Many thought that this strange style of Billie was not going to be so successful or that it would be among the best songs, but it was a surprise for everyone when this young teenager dethroned the most popular. There is no denying his incredible voice that was the one that conquered us.

You are going to stay (Aitana)

” You are going to stay ” is one of the most popular romantic ballads of 2019 and that reveals the wonderful voice of Aitana and her wide range. Definitely a hugely liked success.

How do you sleep? (Sam Smith)

This pop was a success, like almost all of Sam Smith’s melodies. Beyond being a romantic theme, it tells us the story of a toxic relationship, full of lies and disappointments, but beautiful at the same time. The most captivating magic are the falsettoes with which Sam adorns the choir, giving it the stamp of its own distinctive mark.

Goodbyes (Post Malone, Young Thug)

Who has had a hard time saying goodbye? Goodbyes is the hardest thing anyone can to experience Never. This is a sensational song for it.

Queen (Miss Caffeina)

This pop ballad shook the world, especially with its lyrics. Surely many young people and adolescents will feel very identified with this song for talking about the effects of the bullying on people and condemns it. You can’t miss the ideo clip, it is very moving.

Blow (Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton)

Just by seeing its interpreters we can assure that the song is going to be a success. Bruno and Ed shook the world with their rock beat, the lyrics catchy and the drawings that the bass player makes by making everyone shake their heads from one side to the other and go out to move their skeleton without stopping. For many this was the best song of the year.

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