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Email is one of the most common communication systems in the workplace. And although it develops in the online world, it must be borne in mind that, as in all communications, it has a series of rules and social norms, which are often forgotten. On the Internet, language is often neglected, misspellings are made, words are abbreviated ... but in the workplace these errors should be avoided, and try to respect the netiquette (the label on the Internet). The following are a series of aspects that must be taken care of to send a correct work email:
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The bio-tech company Synairgen is developing an experiment which is based on the use of a protein that our body...
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New Japanese farming technology allows plants to grow virtually in any place. It consumes 90% less water that the traditional...
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Ambitious tree planting programs in certain regions of the world had a positive impact on Earth over the las 20...
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Science magazine named the image of the another galaxy´s core as the breakthrough of the year. Taken on April 11th,...
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