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Consequences that the cat parasite brings to the body



Half the population is thought to have been infected with the cat parasite. Do you have a close relationship with a cat? Are they inseparable?

If so, you should know that 2% of felines carry the Toxoplasma gondii. This microorganism causes the disease known as toxoplasmosis.

What does it cause in the human organism? Do you want to know how to avoid it? Now is the time!

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Will you be safe from catching the cat parasite?

the cat parasite 4

Cats are carriers of this parasite

Anyone can be affected by the cat parasite. Millions are infected without presenting severe symptoms. This condition it is serious in pregnant women and in individuals with a weak immune system. Which includes patients with HIV / AIDS or cancer.

In healthy individuals, toxoplasmosis can develop like the flu. Now, what symptoms are observed during the condition?

    Fever Swollen lymph nodes Muscle aches Tiredness.

It is not there. There are different degrees in which the cat parasite can appear in humans. Know what they are and how they are presented.

Acute toxoplasmosis

Between 10 and 20% of those infected with acute manifestations evidence cervical lymphadenopathy or painless bilateral axillaries. Others experience a mild flu-like syndrome characterized by fever, malaise, myalgia, and pharyngitis.

The onset of mild anemias, leukopenia, and increased enzyme concentrations within the liver are common.

Ocular toxoplasmosis

This variant causes eye pain, blurred vision, and sometimes blindness. How sad not to see!

Nerve damage?

According to Swedish scientists, this parasite has a mechanism to manipulate our central nervous system. When it infests dendritic cells, a disturbance in brain functions.

The study is still beginning, but everything indicates that it exerts a great influence on our psyche. It is speculated that it changes some neural connections, which affects our behavior in stressful situations.

Patients with low defenses can be complicated up to encephalitis and intracranial tumors. Typical patients experience seizures, coma, fever, headache, visual disturbances, neurological deficits. All of them are worrying consequences.

The cat parasite and pregnancy

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Pregnant women can infect the fetus

Some cases produced by the cat parasite are asymptomatic. Therefore, pregnant women must ensure their health.

The risks that they may infect the fetus are estimated at 30%. It may seem like a small number, but you will be amazed at the consequences that this small sector will suffer.

The first months of pregnancy bring with them more serious harm to the baby. Therefore, the percentage of embryos that survive toxoplasmosis depends on when the mother acquired the disease.

    Infested in the first trimester: only the 15% survive Parasites in the second and third trimesters: from 30 to 60% survival.

Are you already starting to worry? There’s still more. The death of those who do not enter the favorable statistics is not the worst. Those born have jaundice, rash, and brain calcifications.

Are you pregnant or do you have it planned? So, as sad as it may be, you need to educate yourself about the risks surrounding such a condition. Analyze the following short list of the multiple pathologies related to fertilization:

    Spontaneous abortionStillbirth Delayed intrauterine growthFetal malformationsEye damage to the fetus.

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Interesting facts about the cat parasite

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Toxoplasma gondii infects warm-blooded animals

15% of US citizens have been infected with the cat parasite. You only get infected once in your life, from that moment on, antibodies are generated that give immunity to your body.

Toxoplasma gondii infects warm-blooded animals. Nevertheless, the sole carriers of the disease they are the felines. In them, the tiny parasite is able to complete its biological cycle.

“Can’t I have a pet cat?” “How dangerous could it get?” Do not worry!

The humans they are not contagious due to direct contact with cats, but by their feces. Living with your favorite animal will not be harmed.

Can we prevent infection?

Of course yes. Read on and you will find good news.

As long as you adhere to the following hygiene rules, you can look at your cat without imagining a four-legged parasite:

    Always use gloves when working in the garden or in activities that handle soil Cook meats until they are no longer pinkClean the tray with sand daily Keep your cat always at home, do not allow it to interact with infested animalsWash your hands with water and soap after being in contact with the ground.

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Treatment to eliminate toxoplasmosis

Sulfadiazine is used to treat this parasite

To combat the cat parasite, it is necessary to administer several medications together:

    Pyrimethamine, Sulfadiazine and Leucovorin: prevents bone marrow suppressionClindamycin or Atovaquone: employment linked to Pyrimethamine. It is administered to patients who are allergic to sulfonamides or who do not tolerate sulfadiazine.

If patients are immunocompromised and asymptomatic, they will only require treatment when:

    Symptoms are aggravated if they have a visceral disorder.

What would it be like for women in condition? On the other hand, in pregnant women the treatment differs in relation to the gestation period:

    First trimester: the infection is treated with Spiramycin. This drug decreases the chance that the fetus will be infected by 60%Second and third trimester: if the fetus acquires the pathology, Pyrimethamine and Sulfadiazine should be administered.
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