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Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world about the coronavirus



Covid-19, became a global problem with Europe, it is now the center of the outbreak. As for sports, almost all major sporting events or competitions were suspended in an effort to prevent the spread. Italy, the country where Ronaldo play with Juventus, he was the most impacted of all European countries. That is why Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world about the coronavirus.

Cristiano Ronaldo is no stranger in any way

This man is a wonderful footballer, but he is also perhaps arrogant and self-centered. Therefore, those who do not know him closely, easily accuse him of lending more Attention to his body, to his luxurious cars and to his well-being, more than to the others. And the Portuguese soccer player may have such a big ego that it is easy to notice, but he is not alien in any way to world events.

This is seen, when Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world about the coronavirus through Twitter, the Friday in the afternoon. In it, he shows his most human version and his concern for what is happening around the world.

Message from Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo with his hand extended with his hand in positive signal

Cristiano Ronaldo expressions

Observing what happens in the whole world, Ronaldo reiterated the thoughts of many, and Held that human life comes before anything, in an ad on his Twitter. He recorded his thoughts on the coronavirus epidemic and called for “care and attention.”

His message on the networks was:

Humanity is going through a really difficult situation in the world, which demands the greatest care and attention from all of us. Today I speak to you not only as a footballer, but as a human being uneasy, a son, and a father, for the latest event that affects everyone. It is important that we follow the advice of the who (World Health Organization), and the governing bodies, on how we should handle this situation.

It is necessary to be aware that protecting humanity must be above any interest. I would like to communicate my thoughts to all those who have had close losses, to them, my solidarity, and to those who are fighting the virus. Me continuous support for health professionals, who put their priorities and their own lives at risk, to contribute to the safety and well-being of all.

Cristiano Ronaldo encourages you to follow health protocols

As you can see, the valuable footballer asked everyone to follow the instructions of the health authorities. He said that he was completely in favor of suspending soccer leagues, as in Serie A. Also, he sent words of encouragement to those sick with the coronavirus, among those, his Juventus teammate, Daniele Rugani, who tested positive for the disease on Wednesday previous. He is in self-isolation and backed the decision to postpone all sports.

Support from Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram.

The footballer who takes care of his mother after she suffered a stroke, advised his millions of followers that they are attentive to the recommendations and guidelines of the World Health Organization.

Cristiano Ronaldo in a stadium in the rain

Expressions of the great soccer player

On Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world, where he has more than 207 million followers. The message that was sent was one of encouragement and hope to humanity fighting the coronavirus. He encourages all his followers to stay home, to protect themselves themselves and others, from eventual contagion. #Playinside and #Staysafe, are the particular slogans of the famous soccer player at the moment on Instagram.

Cristiano Ronaldo is committed to the fight against coronavirus

Although his messages are not exempt from a certain “self-promotion”, the truth is that Cristiano Ronaldo’s commitment in the fight against the coronavirus seems sincere. The soccer player frequently disseminates the WHO recommendations in order to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Furthermore, in many of his messages, define like a son and a father, not one among so many soccer players.

Cristiano Ronaldo generates engagement rate

During the last eleven days, Cristiano Ronaldo generated with his posts on Instagram, an «engagement rate» of 2.4%, slightly below his average (2.74%). Still, the exceptional player’s messages against the coronavirus are of particular value at this time – young people are the majority of his audience. According to Reachbird, 28% of his followers average the age of 18 to 24. For this, Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world, raising awareness among all his fans.

Situation of the majestic footballer at the moment

Cristiano Ronaldo walking through the football stadium

Cristiano Ronaldo smiling at the cameras

Italy is one of the most complicated countries with the expansion of the coronavirus, even its growth rate is more strong than in China, where the number of cases is declining. The entire country, with its 60 million inhabitants, is in quarantine. Serie A, the highest domestic soccer competition, was canceled like other events on the old continent. As the Champions League, and it is suspected to postpone the Euro Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo currently enjoys a lot of free time. The Juventus star from Turin decided to quarantine in his native Madeira. From there, the footballer shares images of his training at home on his social networks. But, the one who values ​​himself as the most powerful influencer in the world on Instagram, not only presumes of pectorals in this social network, he also fights against the coronavirus. And he is by no means alone. Many other influencers also joined the cause.

Helping two hospitals in the Italian region

The footballer joined an initiative launched by his current club, Juventus de Turin, to seek help for two hospitals in the region Italian from Piedmont. In addition, together with his manager Jorge Mendes, Cristiano Ronaldo donated two million euros to the Hospital de Santa María in Lisbon and the Hospital de San Antonio in Porto.

All these actions, where, Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to the world so that they stay well and do not get infected. Even to help hospitals with already infected people, they make the great soccer player a person with a sense of humanity exceptional. Which is a discovery for many people in the world, who, despite having countless fans, believed him to be an arrogant and proud man.

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