Croatian city Zagreb has a Museum of Hangovers.

Inspiration comes out of the most unorthodox places and situations.

In this case it came out of a night out where Rino Dubokovic, a university student in Zagreb, was out drinking with his friends sharing the funniest hangover stories.

Here is when inspiration kicked in and the idea was to create "some sort of collection where all these objects from drunk stories would be exposed together with their stories."

In six months after the boozy night out and in the building next to the one where the idea was  conceived there it was: Museum of Hangovers, in Preradovićeva Street 8, 10000 Zagreb



What is this museum about?

The exhibits comprise several objects people found to be bizarre the morning after a heavy drinking night. There is a room where one can test reflexes using "beer goggles," and also an interactive section where it is possible to share all sorts of hangover experiences.


In the museum is located a gift shop which is also tongue-in-cheek, selling a bar activities like darts and "drunkopoly" board game.

Dubokovic, is a computer science student and is originally from the island of Hvar in an interview with CNN Travel the point of the museum is to create “it's a physical representation of the kinds of chats he had with his friends, where everyone is sharing stories and bonding about things they did in the past”.

The museum opened on December 1st and is for the moment a “test concept” and in the future, Dubokovic wants to make it a place where people can be aware of the bad things related to alcohol.


So far, the reaction from the public has been a positive one. The Museum of Hangovers still needs to secure additional funding that will enable it to become a larger, permanent establishment.


This museum is not the only unusual museum to open in Zagreb.

In 2010, the city featured the Museum of Broken Relationships. This museum was conceived by an ex-couple who stimulated visitors to donate certain objects that were associated to their own romantic breakups.

From wrinkled receipts to weeding dress that was abandoned the collection features everything that is possible people can associate with their breakups. The concept was so successful that six years later a second location was opened in Los Angeles.

For Dubokovic, his museum could comprise projects like his own menu from a food delivery app related to hangovers.





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