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Cultural events suspended due to coronavirus in Spain



As you know, a few months ago you have been attacking us by a global pandemic that has had a sudden impact on health. The coronavirus has not only affected Health of people, but for its prevention had to carry out a series of measurements, such as the suspension of cultural events. Everything is due to its easy and fast transmission, it has allowed thousands of people to become infected in a short period of time.

Therefore, in addition to people’s lives, all spheres of society, the economic, political, social and cultural events have been affected. One of the countries that has been greatly affected due to the passage of this global pandemic has been precisely Spain, which had to take a series of measures to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

The cultural sphere has not been exempt from these measures and has been forced to close a series of events, places, exhibitions and museums that provide services to the population. Next, I show you a list of events that were affected by the coronavirus in this region of the planet.



Old movie camera

One of the cultural events that has been affected has been precisely the 23rd Edition of the Malaga Film Festival. With almost everything planned for the opening gala, it was announced that it would be canceled; The start date was supposed to be March 13 and until March 22, but to prevent the spread of the coronavirus it was canceled. He himself is one of the events major events that take place in this country and has been frozen.

This is one of the thousands of activities that have been affected due to the law decreed by the government to reduce by at least one third the accumulation of more than 1,000 people; especially in those areas that have been much more sensitive to the spread of the pandemic.

This has brought with it a considerable economic loss, since the cancellation of these events entails the reimbursement of the money paid by the participants of the event, as well as the investments in the preparation thereof.

Similarly, the premiere of various films such as “An Extraordinary Friend”, played by Tom Hanks and “Petter Rabbit 2”, was postponed.

Despite so many suspensions, the organizers of the Cannes Festival refuse to cancel the event that will take place from May 12 to 23. A very smart decision, since if the pandemic is eradicated before that date they will be able to continue without problems, but if this does not happen, at a date very close to the agreed date, it will be impossible for the participants, to be able to request a refund.


Not only cinemas but also museums is one of the cultural events that have been affected. An example of them is the Prado Museum, which had to limit the entrance of a certain number of people to the most crowded rooms, so that there was no agglomeration of visitors in them.

On the other hand, Madrid has closed all its museums in those areas of high transmission of COVID-19. The Ministries of Culture, Sports and Health have decided to temporarily suspend all activities that involve the influx of people in a place. Among them are the National Museum, the Reina Sofía Art Center, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum, the National Museum of Decorative Arts, the Costume Museum-Ethnological Heritage Research Center and the National Museum of Romanticism, among many others.



View of a theater

For its part, the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM), also decided close all those scenic spaces that are located in the city of Madrid; as well as the shows in all those organizations and private entities that have been prepared in said places, before the indicated date.


Of course, as cultural events the musical has also been affected, for this reason various concerts and award ceremonies have been postponed or canceled. An example of this has been the MIN Awards gala, awarded by the independent music industry and the concerts of the groups Tequila and Amaral.

Several of the thousands of presentations Musicals that were planned in Spain have also had to be canceled because the number of people planned to attend exceeds the figure of a thousand established subjects.

Chayanne was another of those who also had to postpone a tour of various regions of Spain, claiming that even though it is not to his liking to make this type of cancellation, the current epidemiological conditions need it.

In the same way it happened to Ismael Serrano with a concert scheduled for March 14 in Rivas, to Vetusta Morla, to the K-Pop group Seventeen, to the Sons of Apollo and Martirio y Chano. Of course, the Pablo Alborán concert scheduled in Madrid cannot be omitted, which was rescheduled for the month of June. Until the month of October, the SanSan Festival that was supposed to take place in April was postponed.


Both the Valencia Book Fair and the Madrid Book Fair have also been suspended and postponed until the months of May and October respectively, being another of the cultural events that was affected by the virus.

Among other cultural events canceled is the International Literature Festival and the ABC Culture Classroom. For its part, the Cervantes Institute has interruptedor activities at its headquarters and has made available to governments, the activity of the centers that it has throughout the globe.

The Royal Spanish Academy for its part, established the modality of teleworking, videoconferences and telephone calls to avoid the meeting of people. In addition to all his activities public have been postponed until the coronavirus allows a return to normality of daily life.

Even the National Library decided to close until further notice all those cultural activities and services that they provide in person.


As you have to suppose, if we are talking about Spain, then the fairs of Bulls. Due to the coronavirus, the first: the Fallas in Valencia and Magdalena in Castelló have been changed to be held in the month of July and the gala for the presentation of the San Isidro Fair posters, have also been canceled.

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