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Dangers of spearfishing



Spearfishing is very similar to hunting, the fisherman searches for his prey until he catches it. But it is not so easy, it must be done by diving in apnea and with the use of a harpoon. A challenge!

Although it looks cute, it has many risks, because from the sea you can expect the unexpected. If you are thinking of getting started, in this article you will find all the dangers that can exist in spearfishing.

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4 dangers of spearfishing

Everyone loves the sea, a mystery full of adventure, but the risks under water are many. Humans are strangers to the kingdom of Neptune, so it is important to know the dangers when entering it. If you practice underwater fishing, take note of these.

1. Drowning: Maintain Stamina for Spearfishing


Maintain Stamina for Spearfishing

If you don’t have the necessary experience, drowning is the main cause of death in this environment. You must have the stamina to swim out to sea and dive into the depths.

Spearfishing shouldn’t be done alone, but many swimmers start out alone looking for coveted fish. Although the costumes are special, the truth is that sometimes it is not enough. The result can be:

    hypoxia (lack of oxygen in the tissues that prevents you from performing body functions) pulmonary edema hypovolemia due to fluid loss.

In other words, drowning occurs when water is ingested instead of air and often out of desperation and fatigue. Increase your stamina before you go diving.

2. Fishing gives cramps

Vitamin B

Avoid cramps with a proper diet rich in glucose and vitamin B.

In the life of a diver, cramps are an everyday occurrence, they can occur after several hours of diving and making a sudden movement, they occur in the feet, legs and calves. For them to disappear you must remain calm and relax. You can avoid them with:

    a good workout a well-fitted and tailored suit an adequate diet rich in glucose and vitamin B.

3. Beware of disorientation at sea

spearfishing 4

Be careful not to expel the air once you rise to the surface

Many athletes are disoriented when they surface. After a prolonged apnea, going out and doing minimal exercise can cause loss of consciousness.

These symptoms occur suddenly, so the danger cannot be perceived. To avoid this you must:

    When you are in apnea where you have reached the limit, you should not remain in complete immobility or expel the air once you go up to the surface, perform breathing exercises after a while of rest, or prolong the time of the previous pulmonary hyperventilation.

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4. Beware, spearfishing causes accidents

spearfishing 3

Ear accidents occur when external pressure is unbalanced with internal pressure

All the dangers of spearfishing could be accidents that occur, among them are:

The hydrocution: It is a brutal accident, it is produced by the action of water on the human body where it sinks without being able to fight to avoid submersion. The symptoms of the appearance of hydrocution are:

    Heat on the skin and redness of the skin Localized or generalized skin tingling Feeling of fatigue or that the water is extremely cold Vertigo, ringing in the ears and headache Cloudy vision

It can also happen unexpectedly.

Accidents of the ear: They occur when external pressure is unbalanced with internal pressure in the ear. It looks like a tongue twister, but the eardrums undergo this pressure change. For the divers of this modality the care of their ears is fundamental, otherwise they would not be able to practice the sport.

Accidents of paranasal sinuses: are the obstruction of these with the nostrils and is caused by injuries during descent or by the common cold.

Safety rules in spearfishing

spearfishing 2

You will need to start with good surface ventilation

Spearfishing is a This technique is quite difficult for novice fishermen due to the consequences and risks involved. It does por below 25 or 30 meters, a quite significant depth for which the following safety standards are recommended:

    It takes a lot control of technique and psychological preparation.Good air management will be your best ally to gain a few meters. To do this, you should start with good ventilation on the surface.Once you are submerged at the bottom of the sea, keep your mind and body relaxed to consume the minimum capacity of air.Do not be obsessed with reaching the surface even if you feel that you are short of breath. Your wingbeats must be slow and constant, avoiding looking excessively towards the surface. You will recover by inspiring without the diving breathing tube and with your head above the water.

If you already know the rules, you could use some tips.

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Tips for divers

spearfishing 1

Fishing as a couple

For your safety when diving, here are some tips that will help you:

    Fishing as a couple. It is very important for your safety. In case of accidents, someone can give the warning. Know the state of the sea before diving, avoid navigating dangerous areas with heavy traffic. If you are tired you should stop, as exceeding the limit could cause you to pass out due to lack of air. Don’t go fishing if you are sick, small problems can generate serious consequences in our physical state.

As you can see, underwater fishing is not as easy as it seems and its consequences or dangers could be deadly. Prepare yourself physically and equip yourself well before diving. Remember that the most important thing is your protection.

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