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Digital work, increasingly in demand



In recent years a new type of work never before thought has become popular. More and more young people are armed with a laptop with access to countless applications.

Terms like attention economy they storm the world every day in search of unimaginable solutions. Digital work is a fact, if you want to know more about the subject, do not move.

See why digital employees are the new trend

Why the high demand for digital work?


High demand for digital work

The health crisis is a reality and its effects are evident. COVID-19 increased the demand for digital jobs and every day more companies offer this possibility.

Little by little we enter the new normal and the digital changes brought in because of the past year are visible. It is a digital change that is forecast to worsen in 2021.

The e-commerce and the remote work they are a reality that arose at supersonic speeds. Staying in the homes of millions of employees and closing the physical doors of companies made it a necessity.

It is a change of profiles in various areas of a company, but everything went by leaps and bounds thanks to the pandemic. Many businesses are online and commerce as well, but there are some topics that are more in demand than others.

Here are the 5 most demanded digital jobs this year.

5 most demanded digital jobs in 2021

Digital talent is what companies are looking for, so see if your profile fits some of these jobs. Do not lose the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars a year with your abilities.

1. Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


Chief Digital Officer

In this work, the digital transformations of companies are made. It is responsible for opening virtual options that report profits and income. It also offers the digitization of a company’s services, so that its customers enjoy them.

Some of the knowledge you must have to opt for a position of this type are:

    Web analyticsMarketingSocial mediaE-CommerceWeb writingDigital financial indicatorsBusiness management.

It is important that you train yourself from time to time to new technological changes.

We show you the uses of technology in everyday and modern life

2. Data scientist

Digital work 4

Data scientist

He is in charge of translating a large volume of information. These data are key to the decision making exact in each company. Each professional must have experience in:

    MathematicsStatisticsSoftware studyComputer programmingBig data analyticsTechnology conceptsInnovation.

It is based on giving recommendations, as well as business strategies and take responsibility for them.

3. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Digital Work 3

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Design and create artificial objects to solve specific problems. It can be played widely, such as creating artificial intelligence products and electronic applications. Also, you can build algorithms and diagnose errors.

Subjects with artificial intelligence (AI) must be able to carry out tasks autonomously. Such is the case with cars that move by themselves, or logistics robots. The specialists must be experts in various fields, such as:

    MathematicsPhysicsIndustrial EngineeringTelecommunications EngineeringComputer programming

4. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), or Chief of Cybersecurity

Digital work 2

Chief Information Security Officer

The security of everything that is stored on the internet is key. In this branch you must take care of the data security and privacy of a company. You must have extensive computer skills.

As for the knowledge that as a professional you must have, they are:

    Computer engineering studies Telecommunications engineering studies Experience in new technologies Knowledge of information security.

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5. Responsible for electronic commerce (e-commerce manager)

Digital work

Head of electronic commerce

It is a synonym for the professional who is responsible for conducting an e-commerce or online store for a company. You have to be able to do detailed analysis and work in order.

You have to be aware of the latest technological inventions and be an expert in content management systems or CMS. In addition, you must have knowledge of:

    Data management SEOSEM Online security.

Within your work is the strategy design online sales, together with the implementation, control and improvement of it. The tactics have to grab attention and turn customers into channel followers. Which is not that easy.

You have to be able to control the entire online sales process, from the beginning to the end. You must be able to detect failures and propose improvements that are aimed at exceeding the annual goals.

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