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Dry ice and its utilities



Have you ever used dry ice?

It is known for dry ice, which in turn is carbon dioxide in a solid state. If we measure it at atmospheric pressure, its temperature is -78 degrees Celsius.

Its name comes from the resemblance to ice and snow. But actually when it sublimates leaves no traces of moisture. You know why? Because it goes from solid to gas without passing through the liquid state even at low ambient temperatures.

It has played a fundamental role in many sectors, but it is still little known. That is why I am telling you this time about dry ice and its utilities.

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Features to identify dry ice

dry ice 1

It does not generate liquids or waste when it changes state

Dry ice is used in both the private and public sectors. It has become a breakthrough and is easily identified by its main characteristics. Below, I detail them so that you can recognize it:

    It is a colorless, clean and sterile product. It does not generate liquids or residues when it changes state. It has a high capacity for freezing and cooling. It reduces the development of molds, bacteria and yeasts. Undoubtedly a fungistatic and bacteriostatic agent. It is 270% colder than normal ice that is created with water. It comes in 3 forms: pellets, flakes and blocks.

What are the applications of dry ice

Did you think that dry ice is water?

Of course not. As I told you before, its solid state does not become liquid, but passes directly to the gaseous one. Being a product that does not offer moisture favors a lot in various areas of society.

Would you like to know the uses of this incredible article?

What I present below will enlighten you on the uses that can be given to dry ice. With so many properties the question is obvious and the answer as extensive as it is attractive.

In the preservation of products


It is used in the preservation of products

Dry ice is very important in the transportation and preservation of frozen objects. For example: medicines, ice cream, reagent samples, among others.

On the other hand, in the field of scientific and medical research it is used for the preservation of biological products and organs. Also in the ultra-freezing of viruses, tissues, cells and bacteria.

Use in avant-garde kitchen


Hot beverages are specifically used

Food, in large restaurants, constantly renews its preparation. In haute cuisine, dry ice is used to make sorbets, slushies, mousse, creams, foie gras and foams.

On the other hand, offers a show in the gastronomic service where specifically hot beverages are used. In addition to enhancing the aroma of the liquids with which it is sublime.

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Industry employment


It is used in dry ice blasting

A place where dry ice also plays an important role is in the industry. When you need to adjust parts or assemble, this product makes it easy to work with the cold shrink effect.

It is also used in the profiling of rubber and plastic objects made with a mold. And we cannot leave out the piece setting and shredding.

Do you know what the dry ice blasting? This treatment is applied in metallurgical companies. It is a cold purification by projecting dry ice particles on surfaces that cannot have contact with water.

Application in technology


Used to improve computing performance

How is dry ice used in technology?

Very easy. How its cooling power is so powerful used to improve performance both in computing and electronics. It even favors the transmission of electrical signals.

Use in show business


The smoke effect that is achieved by releasing dry ice on the ground

Without a doubt, this is one of the utilities that you will have seen the most in the mass media. It is not possible to generate these results with other materials that offer security.

The smoke effect that is achieved by releasing dry ice on the ground forms a white vapor. With this I know achieves a more impactful atmosphere in the scene.

In the pharmaceutical sector

dry ice 3

It is used in the transportation of vaccine

On the sites where drugs are marketed is very beneficial the use of dry ice. It is a great ally for lyophilization tasks. It is also used in the transportation and preservation of reactive products.

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What precautions should you take into account

dry ice 9

Do not touch with your hands

As dry ice is capable of reaching high temperatures, it needs to be handled with care. That’s why it’s important understand and apply the procedures created for its proper handling.

It can cause frostbite or cold burns and can be suffocating when there are high concentrations. The recommendation is to wear safety glasses, insulating gloves and tweezers.

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