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Fireworks How do these gadgets work?



At the arrival of a new year or in celebration of some commemoration, the sky comes to life with many bright colors and shapes. The fireworks are in charge of such a wonderful show. The charm is due to science and chemistry, as a specialized discipline.

If you want to know how these gadgets work and discover their magic, in this article you will find the answers.

What are fireworks?



Surely when you see fireworks, you describe them as cylinders that explode in different colors and shapes. However, they are much more than that. For experts, fireworks are the art of pyrotechnics and they classify them as the chemical reaction within a body that comes to life with gunpowder. On the other hand, they are defined as:

    The cylindrical shell is made up of different agents (oxidants, reductants and colorants) that, when combined, carry out combustion. The larger its size, the larger the fire will look when it explodes in the sky. The combination of elements such as carbon, sulfur and saltpeter mixed in gunpowder, that currently has been modified and nitroglycerin is added, so that the latter does not have as much smoke.

As you can see, they are much more complex than you thought.

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How do fireworks work?

Thanks to science, fireworks have evolved a lot and there are wide differences between the first one that was created and the ones we see today. The bright figures in the sky, the striking colors and their shape when taking off have an explanation, but surely you do not know it.

Steps to launch a rocket

Fireworks 4

Creation of the bases for the fireworks

The pyrotechnics make two moments of explosions:

    A first formed by a base of explosives that make the rocket or firework take the momentum to take off, a second where the rocket heads towards the sky and explodes, showing the surprising spectacle.

Those responsible for takeoff must be very careful, as any static spark can cause problems. Which is why they wear cotton clothes. The prep time for each man is two hours, so the one-minute entertainment goes perfectly.

How does the explosion come about?

Fireworks 3

Lighting the wick

Once the fuse is burned, the rocket is launched upwards and the core explodes, releasing its components and forming the sparkles. The spherical shape of the internal structure makes us almost always see a balloon that vanishes into beautiful particles.

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Fireworks and their colors

Fireworks 2

Barium nitrate to obtain the green color

The colors we see bursting are a combination of metallic salts that turn colorful when burning. There are shades easier to obtain than others, and each one is associated with a different substance, for example:

    White: magnesium or aluminum salts Green: barium nitrate Blue: copper nitrate Violet: mixture of copper (blue) and strontium nitrate (red) Red: lithium chloride or strontium nitrate Orange: calcium chloride Gold: iron or zinc powder Deep yellow: sodium salts

The shades of orange, red and yellow are easier to achieve, while the blues or purples are a bit more complicated.

You have surely noticed that many fires explode with one color and then end in another. The change is due to the combination of various components in the core of the artificial rocket. First the outermost plate explodes, which has a tone, and then detonates the core, forming those amazing mixtures.

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Why can we see different shapes?

Fireworks 1

On the other hand, these devices not only explode in different shades, but also take different forms. The figures that we see at the top, originate from the placement, following patterns, according to the result that you want to obtain.

After locating the stars and comets, the housings are assembled. They usually use cardboard between the two to have a better effect.

Making fireworks work is not an easy task, so the work must be done by an expert. You should not try it alone at home, as you could cause irreparable damage. Remember that, although they are decoration for parties and events, they are still explosive.

I hope that when you see fireworks in the sky again, you will appreciate the work of the pyrotechnicians to offer the highest quality show.

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