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Friends series: Its audience figures and millionaire income remain unbeatable



The Friends audience it was unbeatable, from the first season to the last, ending with over 50 million viewers. At present, the fans of this show continue to increase, despite the passage of time the Friends continue to captivate the hearts of thousands of young people with their jokes and witticisms.

It is that the different figures generated by this series support its success. Just to mention a few of those numbers, there are 62 Emmys nominations with six wins and 10 Golden Globe Award nominations with one win.

Friends series is 25 years old

The premiere was in September 1994 and since then their earnings have been incredible

The 236 episodes of “Friends” not only garnered triumphs and awards throughout their broadcast, they have also generated millions of dollars and a whole range of highly lucrative items and products.

Friends’ millions and audience continue

The series may have ended its broadcast in 2004, but the popularity of Friends is indisputable. The iconic comedy series has remained popular 16 years later, Friends’ millions of dollars in earnings and ratings continue.

As a result of continued support from fans who watch reruns of episodes, the cast continues to reap significant benefits from their iconic roles, even after resigning from their regular positions at Central Perk.

Increasing profits

Warner Bros makes an estimated $ 1 billion a year from the series’ syndication revenue, according to USA Today.

The top six performers, who earn two percent of the show’s syndication revenue, each earn $ 20 million a year from reruns.

An impressive figure, considering that when the television series first aired, the cast of lead actors received $ 22,500 per episode, according to MarketPlace. However, by the third season, Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and David Schwimmer were earning $ 100,000 per episode.

The actors negotiated a salary of one million dollars each per episode, for the filming of the ninth season.

The series and its benefits on the rise

The image shows the team of actors who played each character. Today, all famous.


During negotiations, it had been decided that the cast would receive benefits from syndication, a benefit that according to the New York Times, had only been offered to stars who had property rights on a show.

A very lucrative series

The series of these famous people not only generates millions of dollars for the repetitions of their episodes but also has a whole range of articles and very lucrative products.

The impressive array of items includes everything from coffee mugs, socks, sweatshirts to mobile phone cases and more. The Lego version of these characters is also part of the many accessories and collectibles in this series.

The most peculiar

    Turkey socks: funny socks printed with the figure of a turkey with glasses and a little red hat. Sticker: Stickers or stickers alluding to the characters. Plush monkey: funny plush toy reminiscent of the Ross character mascot.

These are the things famous people did

Friends are millionaires

Despite the astronomical salary obtained during filming and syndication rights, the cast of Friends continued to make a career in the world of television, having very different careers, which have turned them into actors with millionaire income.

The richest member of the Friends cast is actress Jennifer Aniston, with an annual income of $ 170 million. Jennifer has established herself as a film actress in recent years, participating in very lucrative projects.

Photo of the actors today

The return of Friends: a utopia for fans

The actress Courteney Cox continues in greater earnings when receiving about 120 million dollars, for her projects in television, production and cinema.

David Schwimmer for his work behind the scenes has made annual earnings of about 85 million dollars. Matthew Perry, despite dealing with addiction problems, persevered in television projects that have generated about 80 million. Friends audience

Lisa Kudrow earns about $ 70 million a year from her projects in production and acting. Actor Matt LeBlanc earns him around $ 60 million per year for his acting career.

More millions

In the special, which would reunite the original cast members as the launch of WarnerMedia’s new streaming service, HBO Max, the cast would earn nearly double their perceived earnings per episode on the latest season of Friends.

For the recording of this special of the series Friends 2020, the actors of the original cast could obtain between 2.5 and 3 million dollars, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Friends meet again: Friends 2020 series

Friends fans should keep waiting for the Friends Reunion Special on HBO Max.

Reunion of the actors of the series

There’s finally a full photo of the entire ‘friends 2020 cast and they look amazing!

The classic showdown that many fans have been waiting for has been postponed; It was supposed to be released in May on Warner Media’s new streaming platform.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Friends of HBO Max meeting will be postponed because productions across Hollywood have been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Overall, this shows that it depends on how long the studio continues to slow down production.

The Friends Special is one of HBO Max’s biggest events. The actors met on screen for the first time after the 2004 performance.

Having a special “Friends” audience at the launch of this platform in May could lead to an increase in the number of subscribers to the original HBO Max.

This is the kind of streamer for the programming event they are looking for, and Friends would be the kind of resonant series that Disney Plus found on Netflix with The Mandalorian and The Unknown, and most recently Love Is Blind.

It ran on Netflix until January 1. WarnerMedia paid about $ 425 million in rights to the series.

HBO Max will be an exclusive inkjet house to increase the popularity of Friends.

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