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Helpful tips to prevent and eliminate stretch marks



Maintaining a youthful and pleasant appearance is in everyone’s interest. Any help you can get is always welcome. Many are the people who seek to know how to prevent and eliminate stretch marks. This evil makes your skin look less healthy. There are many causes and treatments to remove them.

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What are stretch marks?

prevent and eliminate stretch marks 1

Stretch marks near the hips

They are nothing more than lines that closely resemble scars that form parallel to the surface of the skin. Their appearance is medium pink or purple while they are recent and whiter if they have been around for some time. They are mainly caused by the lack of collagen fibers in the skin. This occurs when there is a weight gain or loss in a short time.

They can appear anywhere on the body, but most often it occurs in:

    Buttocks, hips, thighs, abdomen, breasts.

It is important that you know that they are not dangerous for your health at allIt’s just a matter of aesthetics. There are non-invasive treatments to reduce them.

Why do stretch marks appear?

There are many causes:

    Hormonal changes that occur during adolescence or pregnancy Changes in body weight Effect of some medications Genetic predisposition, such as people with dry skin.

Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched quickly. This causes the middle layer of the skin to break down a bit and deeper ones to rise to the surface. The main reason stretch marks often look reddish or purple is because these lines allow blood vessels to be seen. For this reason, there are many people who are dedicated to preventing and eliminating stretch marks.

During an accelerated process of increasing body volume, the cells cannot cope and cannot generate more of them to reduce the tension caused by the stretching of the skin. It is very common when you are subjected to a very aggressive diet or in pregnancy. Elastic fibers are the most affected and their structure is seriously affected, which gives way to the origin of stretch marks.

What types of stretch marks are there?

To prevent and eliminate stretch marks it is important to know the two main types.

    Those of a purplish pink color. They are those that arise when the skin tightening is recent. The whitish ones. This tonality is the most common in those that have been evolving for a long time.

What can you do to prevent and eliminate stretch marks?

If you plan to prevent and eliminate stretch marks with cosmetic remedies, you are far from the truth. Any type of solution along this line is possible. But there are other variants. The best thing you can do is prevent more from happening. This leads to ruling out all the possible causes that cause them. I am talking specifically about:

    Sudden changes in weight Use of tobacco Use of some medications

Only a healthy and balanced diet is enough to protect your skin. It is highly recommended to do a periodic exfoliation with cleansers that help you remove dead cells. This encourages the penetration of creams that help improve vascularization. Make sure the creams are oil-based so they are as hydrating as possible. The massages that you must apply are in a circular shape with the palms of your hands.

All this aesthetic treatment is intended to blur and give a more uniform appearance to the skin. When you are going to perform exfoliation processes, use retinoic acid. It is very good for the epidermis and encourages the production of collagen. These treatments are combined with lasers, in case of red stretch marks. It is one of the ways to prevent and eliminate stretch marks.

What type of people is more predisposed to the appearance of stretch marks?

prevent and eliminate stretch marks 2

Pregnant woman with stretch marks

The people who most want to prevent and eliminate stretch marks are:

    Women Some with genetic predisposition Those who are overweight Pregnant Those who have gained or lost weight very quickly Those with Caucasian skin Growing adolescents

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Home remedies to prevent and eliminate stretch marks

I’m going to introduce you to some of the most effective home remedies to prevent and eliminate stretch marks.

Rosehip oil

It is used by directly applying a few drops on stretch marks. You can also add it to your moisturizer. It is used to improve the appearance of scars.

Sweet almond oil

I’m talking about an oil rich in vitamins E, which is capable of providing a large amount of elasticity to your skin, keeping it young and flexible. It is used in relaxation massages, especially during pregnancy.

Lemon juice

You can place it directly on stretch marks and scars. You don’t need to downgrade it. Its high content of vitamins C helps the skin in the production of collagen. This improves its appearance.

Coconut oil

It is used for massage, due to its soothing properties. It is also used to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. You can find it in liquid or solid state.

    Liquid. It is used in summer.Solid. It is used in winter.

Shea butter

It is very famous for smoothing the skin. It is advisable to apply it every day at the end of your bath or shower. Prioritize the most critical or vulnerable points. Due to its solid state, it is important that before spreading it you soften it with your hands.

Aloe vera gel

It is known in the treatments of sunburn, as well as to prevent and eliminate stretch marks. It has high levels of vitamins E and C. It is enough that you apply a little every morning in the damaged areas and, before continuing with your day, make sure that it has been completely absorbed by the skin.

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Calendula oil

prevent and eliminate stretch marks 3

Calendula oil

Before using it, you let it rest for at least 3 weeks in a dark place. As complements, some petals of this flower and a little olive oil will be necessary. After this time, filter the product and keep it in an opaque bottle away from the sun. You can now proceed to apply it every day to the most affected areas. The results are impressive and very fast.

Many are the treatments that are used, but all with homemade materials, without any complex medical interventions.

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