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How do famous Hollywood artists go through quarantine?



As the disease of the coronavirus spreads, many countries enter a quarantine stage, to avoid the spread of the disease. Like great Hollywood artists. So many people wonder, How do famous Hollywood artists go through the quarantine?

Some of his videos, shared by celebrities from the entertainment world, while they are on quarantine. They captured the collective mood swing of the online community, while others caught up with the mark a bit, such as:

Donald glover

Released a surprise album for free. The fanatics, were initially concerned when Glover was not online, over the weekend. They were relieved when they discovered, which was because he released a new album. Glover’s website, looped 12 songs along with the single “Feels Like Summer,” which has already been released. The new songs, featured Ariana Grande and SZA. As of Tuesday morning, the album disappeared from Glover’s site.

Actions of celebrities in Hollywood during the quarantine

“Frozen” actor Josh Gad

One of the examples of how famous Hollywood artists pass their quarantine is through actor Josh Gad. On Friday, Gad started a live broadcast to tell fans that he was going to start reading one children’s book a night. << Since, we are all stuck at home right now, I thought, we we would have fun a little together, >> said Gad, during the inaugural reading of his book.

<< I decided that I would read to you and your children, or just to you, depending on what you prefer. I will not pass judgment at this time. I am trying to provide at least 10 minutes of kindergarten for you and your families. One night as we go through this unprecedented global event, ”he added. She has read books that include, << Olivia goes to Venice >>, << The day they left the crayons >>, << The generous tree >> and << If I ran the circus >>.

Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner

Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner

Adams and Garner will read stories on Instagram and Facebook

Adams, joined Instagram on Monday to help children affected by school closings due to the coronavirus pandemic. He and actress Jennifer Garner launched @savewithstories, a association with Save the Children and No Kid Hungry. To help raise money for the children, who need food, books, and more.

In exchange for donations, Adams and Garner, will read stories on Instagram and Facebook. To provide a little fun, a little education, and a little distraction for children and adults.

The first story Adams read on Instagram was, << The Princess of the Dinosaurs >>, written by her daughter and illustrated for her husband. Jennifer Garner, read “The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.”

Other celebrities who were not left out


How do famous Hollywood artists go through quarantine? It is a question that everyone asks. The composer, lyricist and playwright, Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created and starred in “Hamilton” as the character main, when it started on Broadway in January 2015. Shortly after Broadway shows closed on Thursday, March 12, he shared a song, which he wrote for his Tony-winning musical.

<< I wish I could send you peace of mind, through this application >>, Miranda wrote in Twitter. << But I can send you music, that nobody heard. Here's a Hamilton / Washington song called I Have This Friend >>.


The singer put a 30-minute meditation on Instagram, where you can hear her speak and play the flute. “It’s a scary time for a lot of people,” Lizzo said, on Instagram.

<< I was even experiencing a little fear, and more than fear, I was experiencing impotence. Which is, a feeling, that many times we can feel on this planet lately>>. << I still feel the same, >> Lizzo said, telling her fans that she is thinking of ways to help children, and other people who need help right now.

Chris Martin and John Legend

Famous Hollywood Artists

Fine Line ”, at NPR’s“ Tiny Desk Concert ”. This is how you can witness how famous Hollywood artists pass the quarantine

<< If anyone wants to chat and listen to music, I'll do a live broadcast on Coldplay Instagram, in about 30 minutes >>, Martin tweeted. After his live broadcast, Legend, made the decision to do a similar online concert, for the fans.

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma is also performing mini-concerts. His last presentation was dedicated to health workers. Too you can see Harry Styles perform songs from his latest album “Fine Line” at NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert”. This is how you can witness how famous Hollywood artists pass the quarantine.

Hollywood celebrities unite to help people in quarantine

The answer to the question, How do famous artists from Hollywood quarantine? It can be seen represented, in these artists, which are shown below.

Ben schwartz

The actor hosted his own online show, “Quarantine Tonight.” With evening programs on hiatus, for the moment, the actor began interviewing random people in real time. Henry Winkler, was one of those who tweeted with Schwartz. If you need a good laugh and are a fan of Schwartz, this thread is a must.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Demi lovato, come together to talk to fans. They started “Bright Minded: Live With Miley” to talk about wellness tips. Staying positive, and bringing “light to darkness.”

So far, the artist has her therapist, Dr. Amen, and singer and friend Demi Lovato, on the show. On Tuesday, Lovato and Cyrus, discussed struggles with body image, and growing up as Disney child stars. The Cyrus show airs at 1:30 pm ET Monday through Friday.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon

Fallon’s daughters also appeared on screen. NBC / The Tonight Show Fallon, is releasing small episodes of

You are raising funds for organizations charity, with a home edition of “The Tonight Show.” Fallon’s daughters also appeared on screen. NBC / The Tonight Show Fallon, is releasing small episodes of “The Tonight Show” daily. All from home, with the help of your family.

Each episode highlights a different charity that you can support, including Feeding America and Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS. Tune in, to see Fallon at home, but also his adorable daughters, who interrupt their father as he overcomes his monologue, without fail.

He and his first guest, Lin-Maunel Miranda, discussed the challenges of becoming teachers From overnight. This is another example of how famous Hollywood artists go through their quarantine.

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