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How do you live in Africa, is it how they have told you?



You know that Africa has a variety of ancient customs and cultures that have been preserved for thousands of years. There the first civilizations of the world appeared and with them the different religions began.

This and other things make Africa different

It is among the largest continents on the planet and its name means without cold due to the high temperatures of the continent.

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Culture in africa

Music and dance play a fundamental role in religion and its cults

Their beliefs were inherited from their ancestors and consist of the ancestry and the force of nature. They believe in the existence of the spiritual world. Among the religions that are practiced in Africa we have Islam and Christianity.

Music and dance play a fundamental role in religion and its cults, one of its communication channels and other ways they have to maintain their traditions and knowledge. how do you live in africa is:

    Tattoos to identify their culture or tribe. They use different colors in clothes to distinguish social classes or tribes. They decorate through painting on the face or body, among others.

Poverty in the region

Poverty in Africa is high

Unlike the first world countries, Africa suffers from a lot of poverty. This situation is very critical for the natives of that country. With the work that some humanitarian organizations do, they will not be able to end all the ills of that nation.

The reasons why some Africans passed on the continent are for various reasons:

    War problems: they have around twenty-five fights and this causes the population to migrate to another place due to food shortages. Climate and temperature: the weather is based on abundant rain and then a severe drought. This means that there is no harvest or livestock.Colonization and distribution of land: an inhumane process that caused economic, social and cultural crises. Today it continues to do much harm to Africans. Diseases: malaria, HIV, Ebola, cholera and tuberculosis are the diseases that hit this continent with force. Hunger and lack of water: the lack of food is one of the great problems, especially for children, among others.

Education in Africa

How to live in Africa 2

Young people learn different types of rituals

Global education is a right that we all have. In Africa despite all the conflicts that lived and are currently going through, the state and universal organizations support education.

With the aim that Africa achieves the place it deserves worldwide. It is a long road to travel because there are still some inequalities in the educational field.

The fundamental role is the family, since depending on the number of children the parents select one to study. Depending on the situation, the status and particularities of the family are studied or not.

In some houses, religious education is very important for the new generations.. These are carried by the elderly and here they are taught a series of rituals such as:

    Art exhibitions Ceremonies Games Parties Singing Drawings Drawings

In addition, they also teach them according to gender the role that adults play in love relationships.

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Africa and its charms

How to live in Africa 1

Africa and its charms

In the first world countries, young people enjoy the new technology because they have the possibility to do so. Unlike the Africans they have nothing and are happy. They enjoy the company of their relatives, they play with what little they have, they take care of their elders with great delicacy and respect.

Although Africa is stopped in time because of the ambitions of the colonizers, they continue to fight. For them, happiness is found in nature, earth, air, water, the basic elements to be able to live.

Furthermore, this continent has very beautiful places; There are sites that are declared a World Heritage Site, its lakes, forests, swamps, etc., keep a great variety of flora and fauna native to that place.

It has a lot of riches and it is the greatest bearer of diamonds even though they cannot exploit them for their own benefit, but it is certainly a place that you can visit as a tourist center.

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