How to achieve New Year’s Goals

January being the first month of the year is usually the time to set our new projects to fulfill. For many of us New Year’s resolutions means new beginnings, the setting of renewed personal growth goals. However different people’s personalities can be one element is equal to all and that they all require motivation.

It is too often that most people that set new year’s resolutions do not fulfill them. In fact, according to a study made by the University of Scranton only 8% do manage to follow their objectives.

There are many ways to avoid being part of that 92% that fails to achieve their new year’s goals.

Small steps

Set realistic goals can lead to a higher possibility of success. Part of the problem is that most of the time we set wild objectives imagining that when the new year begins we will be completely different people.

It is very important to know what you want. The Greeks stated it long ago. “Know thyself” What is you dream? What is your long term plan? This is important to determine what actions are necessary to achieve your goal.

It is not about setting small goals. It is about tackle your goals in each necessary phase to achieve your long term plan. Your dream. 

Details are important.

More often than not we set goals without having a clue on how we will do it. But it is very important to plan for details.

At the same time when you set a goal put a date and how you will measure the result. For example, it is a bad goal to say I will go to the gym more. That is fairy dust.You probably won't do it.

The correct and more effective way to state a goal is to state it and then plan for actions to do it:

-          Goal: Be Healthier

-         Action: Go to the gym every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

      It is about stating the What-Why-How. This way you are stablishing concrete feasible actions with the steps to implement them.


Finding other people with similar goals can be a powerful source of motivation. Going to a class with a friend can enhance your commitment. It is the same principle when you make public your list of goals. You feel more committed to do it.

Psychological studies show that it is more probable that we maintain a resolution when we see that somehow they are important to other people or that the wellbeing of other is involved if we fail.

So whether if it is to fulfill a commitment or to get additional support it’s always good to involve others.

Overgrowing failure

When things get difficult pause and reevaluate the situation. What are the obstacles? Which strategies were more effective in the process? Which were the least effective?

Be more realistic and celebrate each success even if it is a small one. If after evaluating the situation you still want to keep the same resolution, then try a different approach that can enhance your motivation levels.

Simple changes in your daily live can help you stir in the right direction. If you wish to eat healthier you can change pasta and bread for the healthier wholegrains. Another option is to cut back on saturated fats replacing pies and French fries with vegetable sticks and smoothies.

Align your new year’s resolution to your long term goals

The best resolutions are those that set to achieve a part of a long term goal or plan instead of those that are vague and ambitious. If you never showed any interest in sports, it is unlikely that you get to be a high performance athlete so your new year resolution shouldn’t be to be a part of an Olympic team for example.

Once you have an idea of your life plan, your goals on the long term then set those resolutions that can help you achieve them. That will increase your motivation. Don’t be afraid to get help when you need it while you fight the obstacles along the way. The first thing is to determine what we are doing and why to start planning on how we will get there.

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