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How to cope with obesity during quarantine



The Covid-19 pandemic has generated a very significant weight gain in some people, due to multiple factors. Often, those affected seek treatment against obesity and overweight. The changes in schedules have turned the eaters into an alternative to pass the quarantine time.

People are grieved by the loss of routines, they no longer have school days for the children or even personal space at home. The normal rules have disappeared and the stress of surviving this crisis is gaining more ground every day.

Hunger, anger, loneliness and tiredness are warning signs to be more careful, and not fall into the anxiety of overeating at all times. In times of quarantine, stress and mindless food can take over.

quarantine obesity

How Quarantine Time, Stress, and Mindless Food Can Take Over

How to deal with obesity from home?

Eating right, being active and fighting stress in a positive way is still possible. Although the lack of structure at home can make it difficult to comply with the or diets, you can achieve positive changes, as long as there is the will and commitment.

Many are looking for information on treatment for obesity and overweight or on how to deal with obesity quickly and effectively. This requires time and dedication in relation to adequate food and daily exercise routines.

Obesity causes and treatment

There are many causes and treatments for obesity and being overweight. Obesity is generally caused by consuming more calories, particularly those from fatty and sugary foods, which are burned with physical activity. Excess energy is stored by the body as fat.

Due to the confinement by covid-19, obesity is an increasingly common problem, as people have more time to eat excessive amounts of high-calorie foods and spend much more time sitting and reclining on sofas and bedrooms.

Bad habits

In times of coronavirus, people have more time to eat excessive amounts of high-calorie foods and in addition to spending much more time sitting and reclining on sofas and bedrooms.

However, there are also some underlying health conditions that can occasionally contribute to weight gain, such as thyroid hormone problems or hypothyroidism, which must be controlled in addition to intake, with medications.

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Obesity: A Dangerous Condition

Tackling obesity in times of pandemic is extremely important, emerging research and anecdotal evidence suggest that obesity can exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms, considered to be a high-risk condition.

This virus is deadly, and it seems that the obese are more vulnerable, they should be more careful. Countries with a high rate of obesity could probably have more problems, according to experts and health specialists.

However, people of all backgrounds should take the same precautions to protect themselves, including eating a healthy diet and getting some exercise, if possible, within the limits of refuge and confinement orders.

Known what treatments are there for obesity and overweight we have to keep going

Some advice from nutritionists, doctors and psychologists agree that the person must consciously commit to a limit of snacks, they suggest storing some foods out of sight to avoid temptation.

Recommendations that will teach you how to face obesity

Here are some recommendations to keep in mind when it comes to obesity treatment:

    When it comes to snacking, the idea is to stick with protein, you need to set limits with processed foods. Snacking doesn’t have to be three times a day or every time you watch a TV segment.One recommendation for those who struggle with cravings or who have difficulty controlling snacking is to eat 15 grams of protein, drink 15 ounces of water, and then wait 15 minutes. The amount of protein typically equals half the palm of your hand and can be a piece of chicken, fish, charcuterie, or a meal replacement shake. Also select fruits for your snacks. Instead of getting frustrated by the limited food options at the supermarket, create versions of menu with the ingredients you have, you are likely to find something new that you like, there is being open to new things. Interacting with other people is the key to not feeling isolated, remember that you are not alone. We are all going through this. The only way to move forward is to unite as a community. We recommend planning virtual lunch dates with friends and family. It is important to search for exercise options online. If you are not used to it, start small, organize a few minutes of your time to get moving, with simple and short routine exercises. Light weights, yoga, walking up and down stairs at home, and more are some important exercise suggestions to keep you active. Little by little increase the routine incorporating new more complex activities.

Workout routine at home

It is important to search for exercise options online. If you are not used to it, start small, organize a few minutes of your time to get moving, with simple and short routine exercises.

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Going in search of a treatment for obesity and overweight is not just about focusing on medicines. It is very important to stimulate the mind, enroll in online courses, read books, or investigate certification opportunities, it is a good option. Currently many platforms offer a variety of courses, seminars and workshops for free to the general public.

With a little flexibility and conscious construction of a schedule, it is possible to stay active or even increase physical activity during social isolation. While working at home, walk to the rhythm of the phone calls.

Take into account walks and exercises in company

Taking a short walk outdoors with protection, in addition to providing you with some movement, gives you a real rest and increases your productivity and motivation during the day, without a doubt, it will help you clear your mind.

Taking walks and exercises in the company of family members is even more valuable, you have the opportunity to reconnect and talk with your loved ones, in addition to planning activities to do at home as a family group.

The most important thing is to stay healthy, therefore, getting enough sleep and rest is vital, and that requires a good night’s rest. Studies show that lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk of obesity and weight gain.

If you have children, put on music and dance with them, play ball or use active video games that generate movements. This will help your child discharge some stored energy, stay physically healthy and refresh his concentration to continue with academic work.

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