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Hundreds of monkeys in Thailand invade the streets



In one of the most unusual incidents attributed to the new coronavirus outbreak. On Thursday (March 12) a turf war broke out between dozens of monkeys in Thailand and monkeys temple in the historic town of Lopburi.

The inhabitants of the city comment:

The hairy fights were sparked, as a result of a sharp drop in tourism, in the 800-year-old city. Hence, a drop in free food deals for thousands of local monkeys.

In the summer season, there is a large number of tourists. But in the face of the coronavirus situation, the markets are empty of people, said Sasaluk Rattanachai. Who published a video of said fight, at site news agency Khaosod English.

What are monkey gangs like in Thailand?

Thousands of crab-eating macaques are living in Lopburi and the Phra Prang Sam Yot temples, dating back to the 13th century.

The dissimilar tourists who come to the site every day are used to feeding both groups with fresh food.

At the annual Monkey Buffet festival, city visitors build fruit and vegetable towers, for that the monkeys of the temple.

gang of monkeys moving through a square

A band of dozens of monkeys
From the temple

Thailand’s monkey population in the city of Lopburi numbers in the thousands, many of them living on the grounds of the city’s ancient Buddhist temples.

There is a division between two “gangs”, one that controlled the territory of the city and the other controlled the area in and around Phra Prang Sam Yod, an ancient Buddhist temple that is also known as the temple of the monkeys. These “gangs” Monkeys in Thailand are often divided by train tracks and therefore generally never interact, but recent circumstances have brought the two groups into contact, and in conflict.

With tourism in the lower zone, even the macaques is it so feeling the pressure.

A band of monkeys from the temple entered the city in search of food, eventually fighting in the street with the local monkey population.

The fight stopped traffic for 10 minutes, for a cup of yogurt.

Why this fight was generated between the monkeys of Thailand

The fight apparently started because the monkeys in the temple had little food, prompting the leader of the temple’s monkey gang to lead a group to the city in search of food in the area where it was in the market.

However, the source of the fight was not a star-crossed romance story between gangs, but is actually related to the coronavirus, and was triggered by a single banana.

The current coronavirus outbreak has seen a sharp decline in tourism around the world, especially in Asia, where the outbreak began.

As such, this has caused the many monkeys in Thailand in the city of Lopburi to lose their primary food supply: tourist food.

Tourists often keep the local primate population well-fed, but now every piece of food is beautiful.

The moment the monkey found a banana, multitudes of other monkeys, starting the massive fight that left many locals in awe, who had never seen monkeys in Thailand behave so aggressively.

“It was like seeing wild dogs.” They went crazy for the food, ”said witness Sasaluk Rattanachai, who captured images of the scene that took place outside the store where he worked.

This problem is not completely isolated from Lopburi, as monkeys in Thailand across the country suffer from a lack of food due to a lack of tourists.

various monkeys feeding on seeds and leaves

Thai monkeys often hang out in gangs

Coronavirus in Thailand

BANGKOK: Thailand reported 104 new coronavirus cases, with a total of 1,875 cases, a spokesman for the government’s COVID-19 Situation Management Center said on Thursday.

There were 3 deaths in Thailand, for a total of 15 deaths, said spokesperson Taweesin Wisanuyothin.

The three new deaths, all Thai men, included a 57-year-old man who had pre-existing conditions of diabetes and high blood pressure.

The second new fatality was a 77-year-old man who had come into contact with an infected patient, and the third case was a 55-year-old driver at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

There are around 20,097 suspected cases across the country, also known as PUIs or patients under investigation.

To date, there are 271 infected foreigners in the country, the majority being Chinese (32), French (17) and Swiss (14) citizens.

Yesterday, however, government health officials said that locals should not worry. This happened because Thailand has more than 64,000 doses of the antiviral favipirarvir, which they had acquired from China to treat Covid-19 patients.

More than another 200,000 more to come soon as soon as it was purchased and it was also not mentioned how much will be allocated to the general public and if any will be reserved for elites, politicians, high-level uniformed personnel, etc.

Thailand’s economy depends on tourism, which It represents 18% of GDP, especially China, where the coronavirus outbreak is worst.

Some 39 million tourists visited Thailand last year, according to the BBC. More than 10 million of those tourists were Chinese.

Ongoing travel bans in China have hampered Thailand’s tourism industry.

several monkeys on a sidewalk and people feeding them

Residents in India often bring food to temples

Monkeys in India

Monkeys are often common in many cities around the world, and they are often a serious problem.

A village in India has seen many of its residents forced to flee. After an army of several hundred monkeys, he attacked many of the locals. Who stole great part of the crops.

The residents of the city presented offerings of different types of food, for the monkeys in the temple. The crowd of monkeys largely dispersed.

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