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Hygiene tips for the beauty salon



As a result of the coronavirus, cleaning has become essential today, both in homes and in public centers. With such a dangerous disease keeping your business clean is important.

If you have or work in a beauty salon, you must take the appropriate measures, since they are very frequently visited. In this article you will find some hygiene tips that you cannot miss.

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6 Tips for hygiene in your beauty salon

Beauty salons are places where you can get some infections from direct contact with clients or from work so close to the skin.

Think of fungi, bacteria, parasites and other microorganisms that only disappear with disinfection. So that your beauty center complies with the necessary hygiene and the business is on the rise, I leave you these tips.

Tips 1: What an organized room


Organize your living room well

Sight is the first sense that detects cleanliness and order. If you want to have your living room impeccably clean, you must start by organizing it. Project an image of hygiene on your clients in this way:

    Divide the products that are disposable from those that are not, to properly clean and disinfect the latter Once clean, separate them and put them where they will not be contaminated with the dirty ones Place them on shelves, drawers or use markers to differentiate them, but giving a touch of aesthetics to the place Try to avoid accumulations, the clearer the cleaner it will look Remember to leave the equipment you use the most on hand and give it a place for them Shake all the walls and clean the floor, this will help to make the place look cooler Finally, add a little bit of Air freshener with a mild fragrance, it is always a sign of cleanliness.

Tips 2: How Teams Shine


Keep every outfit shiny

After establishing the order, the next thing is to leave everything shining. Perform a general cleaning of furniture, equipment, ceiling and walls. To leave your living room as a mirror you can:

    Choose the detergent you like the most and you can even use one that includes disinfectant Clean the entire site, do your best on the surfaces Correctly disinfect the equipment with more contact with the skin such as nails Retouch after each client, is something you should not forget .

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Tips 3: Hmmm, how the towels smell

Hygiene tips 4

Keep the towels clean

In every beauty salon, towels must always be available to clients. Nothing more embarrassing is that they are dirty and with a bad smell. The delicious scent of a clean fluffy towel is like nothing else. In order for them to be clean and smell good you must:

    Choose the laundry that is most comfortable for you, by proximity or by service Bring towels daily since they have contact with the skin and transmit the virus more easily from person to person Put a towel for each client, without repeating Use a towel detergent, apply fabric softeners to leave them fluffy Fold them and place them organized and handy for customers once they are clean.

Tips 4: Clean customer, happy customer

Hygiene tips 3

Maintain bathroom hygiene

These beauty centers work with image and for clients to be pleased, the bathroom is essential. The public is looking for something clean, comfortable and with the necessary conditions, you must provide all these requirements. Maintain the hygiene of the bathroom and your client will thank you.

    Start by sanitizing all the utensils well Clean the toilet, sink and bathtub with chlorine or some disinfectant Wash the curtains frequently and scrub the floor with the walls Place the cleaning products that your client will need Spray the fragrance you like best when everything is clean and organized.

Tips 5: disinfect now

Hygiene tips

Disinfect now

Sure, you will say, but if so far everything has been sterilized, cleaning is not the same as disinfecting. This tips is to exterminate the parasites and viruses that may be in the utensils. You can do it in the following way:

You can clean each tool you use with the help of a cloth or cotton, but a more comfortable way to sterilize is by immersing the utensil in the disinfectant.

On the other hand, if the economy allows it, buy disposable utensils, which you can throw away when you finish. Remember that grooming is for each client.

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Tips 6: Soap and water for your hands

Hygiene tips 2

Soap and water for your hands

Washing your hands continuously, after serving one client and before receiving the next one is very important. Today the hands are the reflection of the soul, always keep them clean.

    Choose the soap that you like the most and that is free from allergies Place it in the bathroom and sink You can use hand sanitizer or gel, after you have washed them Place a handle hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the salon, for all arriving customers.

I hope these tips will be of great help to you and your clientele is satisfied. The first thing is cleanliness and hygiene. Apply the wonder that you do with your hands to improve the appearance of clients also in your beauty salon.

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