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In Paraguay they fight the coronavirus by recreating the most popular meme of the quarantine



The coronavirus crisis is threatening our lives and our societies. Today, after months of confinement due to the coronavirus, a unusual world or parallel, since many people have activated the humor to combat this disease.

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Timing is serious, maybe that’s why it’s important to know how to laugh at it. In the middle of the quarantine, memes have become more and more frequent on social networks to make people laugh. For example, in Paraguay, to combat Covid-19, they have simulated the “coffin meme” to raise awareness among its inhabitants.

The video of men dancing while carrying a coffin is the most popular meme of the quarantine, and has been imitated on the streets of cities in Paraguay and other Latin American countries, such as Brazil and Colombia, according to media reports.

An unusual world full of humor to cope with quarantine coronavirus

In an unusual world, like the web, where millions of users express their feelings in the most creative way, humor has had great space to cope with the Covid-19 disease. Such is the case, of the funny and sarcastic memes related to the virus that people smile and see it repeatedly.

Most popular quarantine meme

“Meme of the coffin” to raise awareness among its inhabitants

Through this contagious humor, which is shared more than ever, Paraguay has had the idea of ​​raising awareness in a fun way. The “coffin meme” has confused people, because it is a real recording of men choreographing while carrying a coffin, a funeral procession, turned into a party.

This humorous simulation has been one of the most unusual news published by a few social networks. The Paraguayan government assumed it as an official campaign to raise awareness among residents about the need to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Coffin Meme: Funerals in Ghana

This funeral simulation, featured in the popular “Coffin meme,” refers to funerals held in Ghana on the west coast of Africa. Known as “The Sanctity of the Coffin”, Ghanaians honor their deceased in a joyous and colorful way.

In Paraguay they fight the coronavirus by recreating the most popular meme of the quarantine

In Paraguay they fight the coronavirus by recreating the most popular meme of the quarantine

Funerals in Ghana are usually holidays, they assume the death of a loved one with joy, because it has had a long life, usually when they die at the age of 60, if it is someone older, they celebrate their life; On the contrary, if a young person dies, it is something painful.

The families of Ghana believe that their deceased relatives should be buried in the best possible way, therefore, their funeral is organized with the best coffins referring to their dreams, legacies and passions, accompanied by music and dance.

This unusual world surprises every day, making a type of funeral of this magnitude, which deserves a lot of money, because customizing the coffin is an arduous job that not just anyone does, it involves creative experts to materialize what the relative really wants .

On the other hand, the coffin dancers in Ghana are part of the ceremony, a tradition that shows that death is just a milestone to pass. They are professional dancers who are asked by the grieving family to make a joyous funeral, but it is not free, it has a high, about 140 euros.

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Unusual world – Who are these pallbearers who have become famous on social media?

The images of the “coffin meme” very popular in recent days to allude to the deadly Covid-19 virus, is typical of a 2017 Associated Press report for the BBC, which in February 2020, were kidnapped by the social network Tik Tok, since then, is one of the most shared of the moment.

The protagonists of this meme are real, natives of Ghana, for them it has been unusual news that this ceremony is so famous in Europe and other countries of the world.

Emmanuel Agyeman, is one of the protagonists, a worker at the EA Hearse Services & Funeral Agreement, in which he has referred that this practice became popular in the country in 2015, after the images published online by YouTube use Travelin ‘Sis, broadcast the funeral of a loved one with the’ funeral dancers’.

Colombian Police use the coffin dance as a campaign against COVID-19

Paraguayan Police use the coffin dance as a campaign against COVID-19

Humor, an essential pill to survive as human beings: Unusual world

Millions of people now live in a new situation, that of containment. To get out of it as well as possible, perhaps it is necessary to live it as another human experience. In this time of coronavirus crisis, our health and psychological well-being is at risk.

Specialists point out that in these difficult times, it is important to know how to laugh at the situation. Humor plays a fundamental role in strengthening the immune system in human beings, it seems incredible, but in this unusual world, the first degree smile is a miracle drug.

Countries like Paraguay have appropriated the humor strategy to activate people’s awareness and responsibility in the face of the pandemic, apparently they are correct, because, in addition to bringing information in a more pleasant way, it would be contributing to strengthening health of its inhabitants.

Always consider

Laugh for health wellness and stress relief. It is good to remember that laughter gives us pleasure, good humor strengthens motivation and a good attitude prevails, very important in these times of confinement. Everything that is useful in times of crisis is positive.

The humorous dramatizations are very accepted by most of the people, in principle because it generates laughter and consequently pleasure. Therefore, it is a significant path, which must be taken into account at the present time, as a reflective social strategy.

The humor of situations or events helps reduce aggressiveness, it is normal to laugh at a scary situation, in a form of liberation, although sometimes it only lasts a few seconds, according to researchers. However, it is important to take care of everyone’s sensibilities.

Without a doubt, this confinement must be taken calmly, but with great responsibility, to fight against the spread of the coronavirus that is invading the world. Likewise, support the initiatives by the governments that carry out with great effort.

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