International hangover remedies

To avoid the so dreaded hangover many people swear by a little "hair of the dog," and the Bloody Mary is unbeatable if that is the goal. The drink was invented in Paris in 1921 at Harry's New York Bar. Although all over the world many bars have put their own twist on the Bloody Mary, at Harry's it's still made the original way: vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, salt, pepper, lemon and Worcester sauce.

There are numerous remedies all over the world. From pickle juice and avocado toast to currywurst. Here is a look at how people turn to food and drink to mitigate a hangover in several countries.


The all revered pizza with hot melted cheese which is a critical part in its allure when it comes to hangovers. In London however, that is not the only way you get your hot melted cheese. Simple cheese on toast is easy to make at home even if you are feeling extremely poor.

Put a slide of bread on the grill lightly toasted on both sides, then add butter and spicy mustard with pile grated cheddar cheese on top. Slide back under the broiler until the cheese is melted and you are nearly ready to recover.


Most Socts consider Lorne sausage -also known as square sausage- as a hangover miracle. They are served as square-shaped thick slabs of flavorful fatty beef sausage with a roll of choice. Most people opt for the morning roll, a special light roll sold by the half dozen and washed down with a can of Irn Bru in every local store across Scotland.


Dublin has a long-standing pub culture and of course a day-after breakfast remedy. One of the favorites hungover cures is: the breakfast blaa. It consists of a greasy meat and a bread roll, soft floury and generously buttered – known as blaa -- filled with bacon, sausage and black pudding. The condiment of choice is Brown sauce [traditional British condiment similar to ketchup]. Its accompanied with a rock shandy [lemonade, sparkling water and bitters] or a pint of stout.


The country’s most emblematic sandwich known as Flæskestegssandwich (pork roast sandwich) consists of thick slices of roasted and grilled pork in a soft crispy crackling bun, pickled cucumbers, red cabbage and a spicy mayonnaise.


Germany has a beer culture known worldwide. The beer pints are usually in two types: large and giant. So how do Germans get through the day after a night out drinking? There is one word for it currywurst. In Berliners case a currywurst can be had at any time of day. It is after all this classic German snack. 

But it works wonders the day after a big night out in Berlin. A currywurst is a fried pork sausage sliced in small portions, then soaked in a spiced curried ketchup and dusted with curry powder. It can certainly provide a revitalizing boost.


Booze in Asia is cheap which for many constitutes a potential to have a good time. The remedy for hangover here is to get ahead of the hangover by having a big, greasy meal at the end of a boozy night. Tapsilog it's basically cured, semi-dried or marinated beef with garlic rice and a fried egg. 


In Sydney going for a coffee normally comes with healthy brunch dishes. Smashed avocado on toast is an Australian invention. Yes, is very healthy for a breakfast option on a normal day but is also grate for hangovers. With its high potassium content avocados help with key nutrient, and the eggs, which contain Vitamin A, help replenish nutrients in the body.


Thai food is one of the richest culinary experiences in the world but Thailand has also a renowned nightlife scene. Many locals swear by eating before going to bed after a night out.

For Bangkokians is 'Khao Tom Kui' the first hangover food choice. It consists of a Thai-Chinese version of piping hot starchy rice porridge with sides that varies from braised meat to spicy salad.


One of the strangest hangover remedies ever is in Russia. A glass of pickle juice from a jar of gherkins is a traditional way. Russians definitely have a renowned drinking culture, since it is the home of vodka. The idea is of the pickle juice is actually quite smart. The salty brine will make you want to drink more water which the body needs when it's dehydrated.

It may sound erratic but there is some science behind it. Pickles fermentation process helps to create digestive probiotics and it also helps to replace electrolytes lost through dehydration due to the large quantities of salt it contains.

It is actually a cheap choice and also if you are feeling really sick and can’t stomach anything solid.


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