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International travel sales collapse around the world.



Flight cancellations, with Asian destinations, and in recent days also with Italy, are unprecedented. It all depends on the duration of this crisis. But whatever happens though have fear of things to come, all representatives of the sector are clear about one thing, that the sale of international travel is collapsing throughout the world.

The calm will come. “As in any situation of travel restriction, it is probable that there will be a impact in the number of visitors. But this usually comes with a strong return or recovery ”.

Consequences in the tourism sector.

The tourism sector is affected. The collapse of business tourism created important cancellations. It is estimated that the reserves of all countries have fallen between 20 percent and 30 percent since the coronavirus health crisis broke out, a bassoon of the hiring.

Hoteliers speak of a 24% drop in urban business hotels, while the hotel sector estimates a 20% decrease in reservations.

At the Gastronomic Hotel Business Federation of the Argentine Republic, Graciela Fresno counted that, regardless of there are few cases of coronavirus in the country, there are some cancellations in hotel reservations. This aggravates the situation, since internal tourism had been stimulating, but even that segment could stop.

Since, in the midst of a generalized psychosis by Covid-19, cases of dengue also transcend, for which, destinations in the north of the country such as Cataratas, also begin to be questioned.

landscape of a beach without visitors

Egyptian beach devoid of tourism

Negative impact on weather information

The coronavirus, caused an impact as expected in aviation. Nobody travels in the middle of a global pandemic, therefore, the sale of international travel collapses. Also, the memes of controllers aerial in his work with an airport without passersby.

Knowing that with fewer flights, the air is being cleaned of pollution, the lack of airplanes, is having a very negative version for the predictions meteorological.

To understand it, it must be known that in addition to satellites, meteorological agencies; They use atmospheric data obtained by airplanes during their journey.

They are not the first source of information, but they do complement the observations that are made from the ground.

If normally the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts receives more than 50,000 reports on our continent (it also makes observations outside of it), now receives only about 15,000.

A concern for all countries

This is a concern for all countries, since it affects them. Who more data emits from airplanes, are the American airlines by means of national flights.

Every minute, in the United States, those infected by the virus grow, and it can wait, that the same trend is observed in the world.

Until Today, (World Meteorological Organization Aircraft Weather Data Relay Program) or Australian AMDAR Program works as usual.

Clearly: things are going to change soon, as international travel sales plummet. Australian airlines are suspending all international flights since the end of March, and reducing by 60% Australian flights; said Douglas Body from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)

As for the flights that do not involve personal tourism, that is, those of cargo, they are much less numerous, but it is true that for now they are a little data source.

Are we going to stop having weather predictions?

In general, airplanes collect information at an altitude of between 11 and 12 kilometers (250-200 hPa). They are mainly wind and temperature. Therefore, the absence of information weather forecast for airplanes. It will be especially noticeable in the study of the polar jet stream, and in the medium and long-term predictions.

The ECMWF, for the study of the wind; began using the Aeolus satellite in January this year, so it will be more covered despite the lack of aircraft. Will affect more, for to complete temperature and humidity data.

The answer is no, the forecast will not cease to exist. Yes, it will be done with a little more uncertainty, especially in relation to these two factors, and especially in the medium and long term, not so much in the short term.

inside of an airplane

Ghost planes as international travel sales plummet

Consequences on airlines around the world

Despite the efforts of the CAT or FAEVYT, which released communications and campaigns to prevent. Travel informed, with precautions. The travel industry in Argentina is paralyzed.

All, thanks to the collapse of the sale of International travel in the world. Not only are inquiries or sales lacking, but they are becoming “frowned upon.” Who does not suspend or postpone their trips to Asia and Europe.

At the local level, there are no calculations on the damage to companies. Beyond some price drops that have already begun to register in the market. “This is one minute by minute,” one of the airlines commented to Clarín.

From the agencies of trips said: that the only consultations are to cancel trips, programmed to find out if there are official communications of the countries, whose destinations they had programmed.

José Casabal, head of Volalá, said about the online travel agency: “The devaluation, plus the 30 percent tax, plus the coronavirus or covid 19, are a very negative combination for the sector.”

International sold in travel agencies

In January, the fall of international tickets sold in travel agencies, it fell 58%. This happens as international travel sales plummet.

Also, Jose argues that: “The demand was already very depressed. Today we are in a context in which people directly stop buying destinations such as Italy, China and Asia in general.

“The economic damage is important because it is precisely about trips with a high average ticket,” he said.

Aerolineas Argentinas, have already relaxed their cancellation. Others such as Air Europa began launching aggressive promotions with low prices, which allow (depending on availability) up to three changes of travel date.

Since, the sale of International travel collapses and they do not want the situation to worsen.

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