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Is bitcoin the digital gold?



The bitcoin or BTC is the virtual currency with the highest value today, equivalent to 60 thousand dollars. Anonymous purchase, money transfer, savings accounts, etc. are its most common uses.

If you want to know if there is a possibility that BTC will become digital gold, do not miss a single detail.

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Bitcoin Vs. Gold

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Bitcoin Vs. Gold

During this year gold has had a capitalization from 10 trillion US dollars. It is impressive to think of such an amount of money that can be made with a piece of ore.

This sturdy metal is used primarily to make jewelry. So: What has motivated its current price? The main reason is in your offer. Have a constant flow in financial markets endorses it as a means of payment.

Some justify the importance of gold in the banking sector with its rarity. Others speak of the influence of the network effect.

It is known as network effect to the situation in which the desire to consume of one person influences the choice of others. How is this related to gold?

At a certain time a group of people decided that the golden metal to be used as a medium of exchange for goods and services. This simple act gave him special value.

This value remained in force through the centuries until a new currency rose on the horizon: bitcoin.

BTC has proven to be a worthy competitor against traditional gold. East medium of digital exchange It has adopted the gold metal forms of trade, but with a fundamental freedom: it does not need support.

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Bitcoin as the leader of the world economy

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Bitcoin as the leader of the world economy

In the last decades the position of gold as the most important asset in the world economy has changed. The most conservative investors seek the security of physical backing.

On the other hand, the BTC has taken its value from a few cents to more than 60 thousand dollars. This digital competitor attracts adventurers for two main reasons:

1. Decentralization

two. Cheap transactions and solid.

Its capitalization percentage has taken a huge leap in the last decade. More than 10 years ago sales volume exceeded one trillion dollars and it has only been increasing.

Doubt persists in the minds of some. Can bitcoin turn into digital gold?

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Long active life of BTC

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Long active life of BTC

The latest analyzes carried out on this cryptocurrency show that it is likely to increase its capacity as a means of payment. Despite this, not being backed in gold is seen as a drawback.

The current price of bitcoin is variable and exorbitant. Experts explain that it is in an early stage of its life.

It is surprising that this digital currency with almost two decades of existence, is already competing with a precious mineral that has been around for centuries as a safeguard of valuable assets.

As an example of the confidence that some companies give to the use of BTC as a payment asset, it was given by the Tesla company. Invested in this year about 1.5 billion dollars in cryptocurrency.

Many are the corporations, establishments and businesses that already accept bitcoin as virtual currency.

The most decisive push on the widespread use of bitcoin is found in new technologies and it is undeniable that there is a great relationship between both spheres.

In the past decade we had a phase of irruption in the market. This is forecast to be consolidation and how mass adoption as a means of investment and savings. The experimentation with it showed its very good results.

What makes bitcoin different from other cryptocurrencies?

It is true that there are other virtual currencies that have shown great potential. However, the BTC has been more consistent in mimicking the behavior of the financial market for gold and oil.

The opportunities it offers to those who risk participating in its transactions justify the daring.

If you are still suspicious of the bright future that awaits bitcoin, just read a bit of the news of the forecasts of famous economists. You will realize that it is nothing other than digital gold. Do not miss your opportunity to invest now.

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