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Japanese masks to rejuvenate the face



Surely you have noticed the faces of some people of Asian descent. Their faces are smooth, clean and dazzling, with a nubile appearance. On that continent and precisely in Japan, facial care is of vital importance to them. Their national product is rice, and they don’t hesitate to use it to keep their faces clear. Since ancient times, according to historians of the region, rice was used for aesthetic purposes.

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Here you will see some Japanese masks that will help you have better attractive results in your image. They are all made from rice, which has Vitamin B, necessary to rejuvenate your skin, protect it from wrinkles and acne.

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Rice as a vital component for your skin

Japanese masks

Japanese masks to rejuvenate the face

Due to its properties, this ingredient has the ability to turn a damaged and neglected face into a dazzling one. It acts as a blemish eraser on your face as it has pythic acid. It has a large amount of antioxidants in its composition so that it acts as a regenerator of the skin and also hydrates and softens your face.

The fact that it has vitamin B is an incredible advantage since the insufficiency of it in the body can lead to hair loss and acne aggravation.

Its use in Japanese masks influences the color and texture of the skin and tones it thanks to a substance inside called inositol. It also creates a defense against wrinkles, and acts as a skin rejuvenator. In addition, it protects from the sun and all external factors that may influence the deterioration of the face. That is why it is an excellent product to use when it comes to aesthetics.

Another advantage of this special ingredient is that you can buy it at an affordable cost in any supermarket in your area. This helps to create a systematic application of Japanese masks with a positive effect on your face. Many are the expenses that you will save on cosmetics and creams, products that have a high price.

Different types of Japanese masks

We recommend these masks due to their ease of preparation and application. You should apply them at night, preferably before going to bed with a frequency of 3 times a week. Your face before applying them must be clean. After an approximate period of 20 to 25 minutes, you should remove the mask and clean your face.

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Mask to tone the skin


1- 10 grams of cornstarch

2- 5 grams of wheat flour

3- 10 grams of milk

4- 30 grams of rice

5- 2 slices of banana

Steps to make it

In a container, combine all the ingredients so that a viscous mass is formed. If you see that it is getting dusty, you should add more milk. To apply it, first, you must wash your face. After this you should leave it on your skin for about 25 minutes. When that time elapses, wash your face again and that’s it. You should apply it with a frequency of 2 to 3 times for 7 days.

Revitalizing mask


1- 60 grams of cooked rice

2- 2 thin slices of avocado

3- 10 grams of water

4- 5 grams of honey

Steps to make it

After you have boiled the rice, take a container and add the 3 tablespoons. Add the avocado and honey to the mixture. Then with a fork you must crush the ingredients and when they are pasty you add the water. In the end, you will have a kind of mixture with a texture similar to yogurt. Put it all over your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Before removing the mask, wash your face with the liquid from the boiled rice. In this way you can regenerate the tissues on your face. You must do this in the week at least 2 times.

Japanese masks

Japanese masks to rejuvenate the face

Cleansing mask


1- A unit of egg white

2- 10 grams of honey

3- 10 grams of lemon juice

4- 30 grams of rice

Steps to make it

Make a mixture of all the ingredients. You can use a mixer to make it more uniform. After having it done, apply it on your face and do not remove it until after half an hour. It is very important that you rinse your face well before sleeping since, as this mask contains lemon, it can cause reactions in your skin when you sunbathe. Do this 14 times over 21 days and you will see a huge change on your face.

Japanese masks

Do this 14 times in 21 days and you will see a huge change on your face.

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Smoothing mask


1- 5 grams of peppermint powder

2- Half a glass of water

3- 30 grams of rice

4- 3 cucumber slices with their peel

Steps to make it

Pour the glass of water into a container and mix all the ingredients until you get a slimy paste. Take a sponge, spread it in the cream and dab all over your face until the mixture is well distributed on it. Wait 15 minutes and wash your face. By applying it 14 times over 21 days you will see that it will become a habit and your skin will thank you.

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