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Karol G confesses that Shakira did not want to record with her



And suddenly, BOOM!

Great shocking news is unleashed for the followers of one of the most popular reggaeton bands of recent times. If you are a music fan you should know the sad news that Shakira did not want to record with Karol G, at least not for the moment.

The paisa Karol G cannot forget one of the great artists who has marked generations with her music: Shakira.

What happens between them? Why didn’t Shakira want to record with Karol G? Find out, do not miss what happens.

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They exploit social networks

Shakira did not want to record 4

Explosion on social media

Something happens that Karol’s followers did not expect. After an interview on a Telemundo program called: Tell me what you knowEveryone is astonished to learn that Shakira rejects Karol G. Previously this singer had asked for her collaboration, but her answer was no.

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A short time ago a message from Karol G on Twitter said:

“At some point I knocked on the door, let’s say a year ago I looked for the opportunity to recording with Shakira, it didn’t happen at that time. “

Following this statement, a mystery was created to discover the reasons why it did not happen.

What’s behind the scenes?

Shakira did not want to record 3

Shakira has not argued her answer

Why is it that Shakira did not want to record with her countrywoman? This is a question that a lot of music fans ask themselves these days.

Shakira has not argued her answer. Several comments from social networks usually indicate that Karol’s songs are not his favorites.

However, Shakira has not been the only one to oppose a collaboration with Karol G. Also It is said that the veteran star does not believe it at his level.

There are rumors where they say that there were intimate problems between these two artists. The final word on what prevents collaboration has not yet been given.

Karol G still has a way to go!

So to speak, it just happens that Karol G needs even more to exceed the expectations of the veteran singer. Is that the reason why Shakira did not want to record with Karol G?

Everyone knows that Shakira has a very high and secure position in the world of music. This is the answer that his followers dare to use, let’s say in defense of his position.

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So Karol will give up?

Shakira did not want to record 2

Karol G is going to give everything to reach the goal

From what star Karol G has said, no. In other words, she is willing to try to get an affirmative answer from Shakira later.

Let’s say that in the future I might get it. However, despite being hinted to be an artist on the same level as Jlo or Shakira, she refused.

With great humility he expressed on Twitter that he lacks “a lot of things to do” to reach the level of Shakira and J. López. He recognized the global reach of these artists who “marked generations.”

Is Karol G a fan of Shakira?

Although Shakira did not want to record with her, the well-known singer Karol G affirms on the networks that she is her fan. This is one of his reasons for recording with the super singer, who is also called Piqué’s wife.

The woman who dreams of her songs

Carolina Giraldo, Karol G, began her musical life with the appearance in The X Factor. Later he joined the singer Reykon’s choir, and after that, he got his first record deal with Flamingo Records & Diamond Music.

Karol G did not have big jobs. He was the opening act for Don Omar and performed some songs with other famous singers.

At the arrival of 2012, together with Reykon he built the single “301”, the first to reach the world. After this, it progressed slowly and in a short time it reached the top of the world charts. Between them:

    Top Latin AlbumsLatin Rhythm AlbumsBillboard 200Top Latin Albums Artist of the YearBillboard Hot LatinGrammy LatinoHot Latin Songs

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Party is coming!

Shakira did not want to record 1

Karol G announces collaboration with Ozuna

Shakira didn’t want to record with Karol G, but the future brings super cool surprises that you will enjoy.

Karol G’s message about new goals has shaken social networks. Announcing now, collaborations with: Camilo, Nicki minaj, Ozuna, Anuel AA, Ludacris, J Balvin, Ivy Queen.

Other world-class stars will participate in the future of the Carrera de la Paisa. And remember not to lose faith that a recording is made with Shakira.

Wait anxiously, if you want to get your body moving.

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