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Learn about Luis Fonsi’s latest tattoo and its meaning here



The news in recent days has been focused on Luis Fonsi and his premieres. He is a great songwriter and singer from the beautiful island of Encanto, Puerto Rico. He has obtained many successes due to the publication of his new hit in collaboration with Daddy yankee.

But this time, we will focus on his penchant for body art and ink. A large number of drawings are distributed on his body, especially on the left arm.

Did you know that Luis Fonsi has a premiere tattoo?

It is not a very elaborate design, nor of a representative size, but it is a symbol of pure love. But again has left his fans with their mouths open.

You are already intrigued to know Luis Fonsi’s latest tattoo, right? Go ahead and continue reading this article.

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Where was the new tattoo done

Luis Fonsi's last tattoo 1

The new tattoo

As I mentioned earlier, Luis Fonsi has many tattoos. Most have a family history and symbolize the most important thing in your life. For example: the name of his daughter Mikaela, that of his son Rocco and one with his wife Águeda López.

The first two were captured on the left arm. In correspondence with the births of their children who happened to come into the world on the same day of different years. Both were placed on top one below the other.

The drawing of Fonsi and his wife is a word that simulates the wave of the sea and that they both tattooed on their skin. The meaning is their individual representation in the love that exists between them and because both have been closely linked.

But the last tattoo has also been captured on his left arm. Chose a very soft type of font and with a certain childish touch. Much like the calligraphy of a young child. He released it on the back of his hand.

Know the meaning of his latest tattoo

the last tattoo of Luis Fonsi 2

His tattoos are meaning of love for his family

Mikaela and Rocco are fruits of the love between Fonsi and Águeda. But it was the mother who captured the sweetest phrase on her father’s arm. And because of the special meaning it produced in him, drew on his body a tribute for life.

Of course, what he recorded on his skin became very emotional. In his Instagram account Luis Fonsi said that when his little girl wrote “I love you” the best thing he did was tattoo it.

It definitely is a very tender gesture of father and daughter. She wrote it with a ballpoint pen and he turned it into a permanent design.

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The reaction of the fans for this gesture of love

the last tattoo of Luis Fonsi 3

It is a symbol of the bond that unites him with his firstborn

Did you expect him to shock so much these words tattooed in honor of his eldest daughter of only 9 years?

Social networks have revolutionized with Luis Fonsi’s latest tattoo. The Puerto Rican interpreter of the world-famous song “Despacito” He was touched by photography on social networks.

Although it was written with childish features in sight, the message is understood. He explained that this decision is a symbol of the bond that binds him to his firstborn.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the thresholds have been broken everywhere and has stolen the hearts of all his followers. Especially those who life gave them the opportunity to be called parents.

And unsurprisingly, fans have reacted positively to Luis Fonsi’s latest tattoo. Even friends also filled the publication on the networks with tender messages and many hearts.

Over 2000 comments posted for the great acceptance after the new line on his body. Some of them were the following: “Pure love.” “Nothing carries more tenderness than the great love of your heirs.” “Those letters place a portion of your daughter’s heart in your hand.” “I die of love.”

Artists such as Eva González, Vanesa Martín and India Martínez did not delay in showing the idea of ​​the singer with smileys of happiness. In a few hours, Luis Fonsi’s last tattoo reached 200,000 likes.

There is no doubt that this Puerto Rican composer knows how to attract the attention of fans, especially with his family. Always has proven to be a great husband and father. No wonder he surprised the millions who follow him on his accounts with his latest tattoo.

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