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Levitation and its mysteries



Levitation is that act where the artist seems to defy the laws of gravity. Either with an object or a person, tricks are performed on stage that fascinate the audience.

Would you like to know how the most famous magicians have performed epic acts of levitation? This article is written precisely so that you can do it. Enjoy it!

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Levitation techniques revealed by famous magicians

Levitation 2

Asrah levitation

Levitation is one of the most performed tricks in magic shows. The magicians excite the viewer in such a way that it seems that people are floating in the air.

Its mysteries have been the subject of many articles posted on social media. Would you like to know what trick magicians use to levitate? If so, then you will be able to know some techniques used by the most famous illusionists.

    Levitation of Asrah

Asrah shows up in his act with an impressive levitation trick. What does it consist of? The magician’s assistant lies down and he covers her with a cloth completely. Minutes later it appears to float under the fabric. Before finishing the act, Asrah uncovers it and the assistant has disappeared.

The explanation of this levitation technique is simple. It was first performed in 1902 by Servais Le Roy and his wife. The magician manipulates a thin wire that is installed over the assistant along with the cloth. This wire frame rises and the assistant escapes.

    Levitation of Balducci

The illusionist stands with his back to the audience and appears to levitate above the stage. The act only lasts a few seconds. After that time the magician’s feet return to the floor and the act is completed.

Balducci, to perform this illusion, stands on the front of one foot. At the same time, elevate one of the feet and the visible part of the other. In this way, you block the view of the front and rear leg of the support leg with the other foot. Simple right?

    Levitation of King

The act begins with King positioning himself in such a way that he looks sideways to the audience. Their legs are usually covered with a jacket, while the rest of the body remains visible. Suddenly it seems that the body levitates only a few inches from the ground.

The explanation of the act is very easy to understand. The magician removes the shoe that is farthest from the audience and turns that foot 90 degrees, so that the empty shoe is between both feet. With only King leaning on the hidden toe, both shoes are raised and gives the illusion that he is levitating.

    Levitation of Harry kellar

This American illusionist turned this act into a 20th century marvel. It consists of the assistant, dressed as a Hindu princess, being transported to the scene, supposedly sleeping on a sofa. Afterwards, Harry passes a hoop to show that he was floating without support material.

Can you imagine how they did it? The trick is for the assistant to stand on a table that she hides inside her dress. This board connects to a metal that projects towards the base of the stage. At the end this bar is hooked to a machine that raises and lowers the assistant.

    Levitation of David copperfield

Copperfield is known as one of the most famous magicians in history. His acts of levitation are numerous. There is a particular event that characterizes it. This consists of levitation on a stage while people from the public observe it.

John Gaughan was the first to describe how this technique worked. The trick is developed by a series of cables that are directed by a computer.

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Levitating objects. Mystery solved

Levitation 1

Harry Blackstone and his floating light bulb

It is not only common to see people levitating in magic acts, but also objects.

In the following lines you will find some of the most famous objects that have been used for tricks of levitation.

    Harry Blackstone and his floating light bulb

This magician became famous for giving the illusion that a lamp would float in the air with the light on. The trick began with the light bulb in the magician’s hands emitting current without being connected. At the moment the object turns off and begins to levitate in the air where it turns on again.

    Hummer letter

This act of magic consists of levitating one of the cards in a normal deck. The card rotates and seems to fly around the magician in such a way that it seems impossible to the viewer.

    Fearson Floating Cigarette

The act is quite famous in the world of illusionism. It is nothing more than the effect of a cigarette that appears to float over the magician before suddenly falling to the ground. As the event unfolds, the artist shows the public that there is no external support to support the object.

The ways to levitate an object seem simple. Most magic routines have been extensively studied as part of levitation and its mysteries.

If you organize yourself well, you can surprise your friends by floating some objects. Either using an elastic band or an electric belt, you will have the opportunity to perform excellent tricks.

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