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Manchester City puts its stadium at the disposal of the authorities



Virtually all the main national competitions in Europe are currently suspended. As, government officials around the world, implemented measures to contain the spread of Covid-19.The Manchester City Stadium in England is currently known as the Etihad Stadium, for reasons of sponsorship, is home to Manchester City and with a national football capacity of 55,097, the sixth largest in the Premier League and the tenth largest in the UK.

This makes it a very good place to host many people at the same time. Therefore, after viewing the situation that the world has with the Covid-19 virus. Manchester City puts its stadium at the disposal of the authorities, in order to control this war against the coronavirus.

Signs of solidarity in the face of the pandemic

English football gave different expressions of solidarity in the media of the pandemic. Legends like Ryan Giggs and Phil Neviille, they provided their hotels for all doctors, nurses and other people who work in the health area. The Centenario and Maracaná Stadiums will serve to fight the coronavirus.

While the Premier is considering cutting twenty percent of their salaries, to contribute to the purchase of supplies for hospitals; Another form of help provided is Leeds United, which readjusts the amount that was normally paid to the main team. With the aim of providing protection to the 272 members of the club.

In addition, one of the most important facts, as already said, is that Manchester City puts its stadium available to the authorities. Thus, leaving a place where you can concentrate those sick with the virus and prevent its spread.

Antonio Valencia Manchester City

Home to Manchester City and with a national soccer capacity of 55,097

Manchester City offer to his country

fighting covid 19 is a task that does not stop. Further, fully trained health personnel, to help so many people at the same time. The United Kingdom is listed as one of the most affected places in terms of deaths from the deadly virus.

The NHS accepted the offer of help, where Manchester City makes its stadium available to the authorities, in the growing battle against the coronavirus. Starting next week, the doctors and the nurses will be able to use the Etihad stadium. For planning and training purposes, as they prepare for an escalating pandemic.

The people contacted the heads of health to make their executive boxes and meeting rooms available to NHS personnel. Seeking preparation for the ongoing crisis. The Etihad is currently not used with the football of the Premier League, postponed until the end of April. The Etihad will be used to teach everything that Manchester health managers should know.

Manchester City and Manchester United offered a mixed total of £ 100,000 to support vulnerable people. In 2017, the Etihad became a safe place for families to gather after the bombing from the Manchester Arena. And now, when Manchester City makes its stadium available to the authorities, it revives that spirit of solidarity to the world.

Manchester’s big rivals are united to help.

In a joint statement Manchester United and Manchester City said; “We are proud of the role our supporters play in helping local food banks. We recognize the increased tension that these will likely have. organizations charities, due to the impact of the coronavirus. In a challenging time for our community, we are pleased to meet with our fans, to help vulnerable members of society in a united city. “

The Trussell Trust supports food banks, which almost always collect supplies outside of The Etihad and Old Trafford. All of this before games and events. But the crisis does not allow it for the moment.

Elsewhere, Chelsea put the Millennium Hotel and its Stamford Bridge stadium in London; available to the National Health Service. Providing accommodation for staff, as they fight the pandemic.

Chelsea, said owner Roman Abramovich, would cover the costs of providing accommodation, and the club, put all rooms available if required.

Etihad stadium manchester city stadium

Manchester City Stadium in England is now known as the Etihad Stadium

Other supports shown by Manchester City

Despite the fact that Manchester City puts its stadium at the disposal of the authorities, the team manager, Guardiola; it is also part of the wave of solidarity in the world of sport. East man, which is super important in the field of football, gave 1 million euros to combat the coronavirus as much as possible. According to ‘El Periódico’, the Manchester City coach, sent the money to a foundation that belongs to the College of Physicians of the city of Barcelona. For you to use it in the way you think is most prudent and necessary, in the middle of the health emergency.

The shortage of essential material to remain hygienic is considered serious in many centers that fight every day against the pandemic. Money has its destiny towards the acquisition of nasobucos, gloves, gowns, like new respirators. Also, in the investment of a structure to manufacture medical materials with 3D printers. The material obtained from the Spanish coach donations will be distributed in all the centers in Catalonia that need it.

Pepe, be attentive to everything that has to do with the pandemic. For this reason, he explained that it is not a time for sports recreation in the great amphitheaters. “Football has not gone away, it is in each one of the fans, it is at home. On social media and in the hearts of those who carry it in their blood. But now we have to pay attention to the doctors ”“ We always have the challenges through the networks at home ”.

The coach of the English team made the appeal in a video that was released by the official media. In which there are also other players waiting for the crisis to end and doing their best to make these times more enjoyable. Guardiola, fully agreed from the beginning, to publish the decision, where Manchester City puts its stadium available to the authorities.

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