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Message from Karol G: Possible collaboration with Shakira



A video on Facebook was enough to shake all the fans of the artists. Karol G’s message revealed that one of her role models was Shakira.

Both have Latin blood that gives life to their lyrics. One from the old school and one from the new generations. Two Colombian divas who have a lot to offer.

tell me“: Do you think the rookie is at”Light yearsFrom the expert? For you to find out it remains “Almost nothing”. Follow me and you will know “The essential”.

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Can we look forward to a collaboration with Shakira?

Message from Karol G 3

Can we look forward to a collaboration with Shakira?

On social media, her fans have come to compare her with other great musicians.

A message from Karol G to these fans revealed his position on the issue:

“No, it is still Shakira and J. Lo! , I think that to talk about being at a level like them I lack a lot of things to do, but a lot, that is, we are talking about artists who marked generations, who did things all over the world, world things, official songs of movies, many things, let’s say that I go there on the road, but what I know is that for such legends I lack a lot of things to do. “

Despite not considering herself at the level of those stars, she wants to become like them.

Powerful Colombian Blend Looming?

The admiration of the young woman for one of her countrymen goes beyond having her as an icon. Several times the apprentice has dropped comments on a possible collaboration and many look forward to it.

Recently a message from Karol G on Twitter said:

“At some point I knocked on the door, let’s say a year ago I looked for the opportunity to record with Shakira, it did not happen at that time. “

After this statement, a mystery was created around the reasons why it did not happen.

Myths and realities?

What prevented collaboration?

Many comment that the most experienced diva does not think that Karol is up to the task to work with her. Others say there were personal problems between the artists.

The reality is that nobody knows exactly what the obstacle was. Neither of them has said anything about it. It is best to stay positive and wait for an opportunity to present itself.

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The fashionable singer

Message from Karol G 2

Karol G, the fashionable singer

It is difficult to carve a career in the entertainment world. You have to be exceptional to achieve fame. Every professional must work hard and make a lot of sacrifices. As an example we have a Colombian girl.

Karol G began his musical life with participation in The X Factor. Along with that opportunity, he was able to join the Reykon choir. Thus he obtained his first record contract. Little Carolina Giraldo would be left behind to make her way to the world-class artist that we know today.

Flamingo Records & Diamond Music gave her her stage name and her adventure began. He had no notable jobs, but he opened for Don Omar and performed several songs alongside famous singers.

Her work as a showgirl was going from strength to strength when she decided to pursue her individual career. At first it was very difficult, being a woman.

In 2012 he produced the single “301” together with Reykon. This was the first to reach the entire world. The following years he released several singles with the help of other musicians.

From there it began to progress gradually. In a short time it reached the top of the world charts. Got into:

    Top Latin AlbumsLatin Rhythm AlbumsBillboard 200Top Latin Albums Artist of the YearBillboard Hot LatinGrammy LatinoHot Latin Songs

All these merits have led her to be one of the most recognized female voices. According to various platforms, his name is the most sought after among Latin singers.

The bichota and its successes

What melodies took her to the top?

After mastering reggaeton, he started using the Latin trap style. In both she has had great performances that have catapulted her to fame.

The most notable songs of this artist are:

    Cob”: Nicki Minaj and the Latina turned the world upside down with this single. This music ended up establishing the paisa as one of the greatest representatives of Latin music. “Bichota”: It is among the newest and greatest triumphs of Karol G. Thousands of people have paid their attention to that song since its airing. Stores around 600 million views on YouTube. “Oh Lord!”: Was a success in more than 18 countries. It was on Spotify within the top 12 of the most listened to songs. “Guilty”: With this song the romance between Anuel and Karol began. They both consider it one of their favorites and a reminder of the love they have for each other. “Secret”: It became one of the most listened to. In her music video the diva is shown with her partner. It is part of the many collaborations between the two of them. “Ocean“: it is one of the hits bigger of their style. It did not take long to position herself as one of the favorites, to speak of love and feelings. In her video clip the singer appears with Anuel AA.

Each of these melodies have been a sample of the artist’s worth.

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Future collaborations

Message from Karol G 1

Karol G and Anuel AA

What does the future bring?

Since the beginning of her career this singer has participated in a large number of featurings. Due to her outgoing and friendly personality, she has never had a hard time working with other artists.

Karol G’s message of new projects has shaken social networks. In these, collaborations with: Camilo, Nicki minaj, Ozuna, Anuel AA, Ludacris, J Balvin, Ivy Queen.

These and other world-class stars will have a presence in the future record company of the country. Hope for a job with Shakira shouldn’t be lost. Nobody knows what can happen later.

Meanwhile take “the bike”And travels through Latin music. “I don `t believe“That destiny is”Under control“, But it is”Inevitable” to enjoy. Will you want this music until “The last good-bye“? “tell me yes”And dance to the sound of hot blood.

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