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Miami Beach beaches are closed due to coronavirus



There is great frustration among vacationers and locals, who ignore the directives of Florida Governor Ron De Santis in Miami Beach. Where, limit the meetings in the Beaches and beyond, when the coronavirus shutdown collided with South Florida’s spring break season.

In issuing his directive Wednesday to limit gatherings in county parks, Gimenez, the Miami-Dade mayor said; “You can’t have a party in a park“. The latest measure will make Thursday a test of Miami-Dade’s ability to enforce the most radical directive yet. The beaches of Miami Beach are closed, the main tourist attraction in the region.

Measurements and comments from managers in Miami Beach

Giménez, said he plans to expand the closures of restaurants, bars and other places of entertainment; to include all “non-essential” businesses. In Miami Beach, an order by De Santis on Tuesday limited groups of more than 10 people on public beaches, and did little to curb spring break.

Miami Beach’s beaches are closed, especially some of the more popular ones, from Fifth Street to 15th at Ocean Drive, but the rest of the city’s beaches remain open. For him mayor Miami Beach’s Dan Gelber, sending home the spring break crowd, looks a lot like a father punishing his teenage son.

“I am fully aware of the arguments and attitude of this group,” said Gelber, who has two young daughters. university and a son in high school. My children are discovering new board games and cooking, and are having multi-faceted conversations.

The trickle of emergency orders from the City Council, which began on Friday, with a demanding directive towards restaurants. Where, they have to limit their occupationIt felt like removing a band-aid in “slow motion,” Gelber said.

Boats in the water of a beach without people

Miami Beach beaches are closed, especially some of the most popular

Some people don’t internalize security measures

Senior centers in Miami Beach were closed for more than a week. City sponsored activities, to get the residents out greater from their homes, since the beaches of Miami Beach are closed, they were canceled by the virus.

The city manager, Jimmy Morales, who has the exclusive power to order rules of emergency. He could not visit his mother in one of the old people’s homes in the city. Because, there are risks such as the coronavirus, for vulnerable elderly people.

Even so, spring jumpers appeared on television broadcasts and Instagram videos. Where, they mocked public health guidelines with impunity. “If I get crown, I get crown, ”a spring switch told Reuters. “At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying.” “I think they’re disproportionate,” said another spring breaker, according to CBS News.

Commissioner Mark Samuelian said it was “revealing” that a complete closure of the beaches was necessary. For the children to stay away, potentially breaking the chain of transmission. There are many of Miami Beachs residents who are doing the RightSamuelian said. It is the young people and the students who did not receive the message as clearly, as we needed them.

Other measures that contribute to the closure of beaches

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber announced Friday that; hotels with suites, hostels, dormitories, hotel units within apartments, motels and temporary rentals. Operations must be closed immediately and evict guests from their premises, before 11:59 pm Since, the beaches of Miami Beach are closed due to coronavirus.

The order established that motels, hotels and other commercial lodging establishments will not accept new reservations for people who are not essential guests. Essential guests include: Lifeguards. Health professionals and Members of the National Guard, law enforcement agencies and the state or federal government.

Employees, Airline Crew Members, Patients and Their Families, Journalists, and Others Responding to COVID-19. Displaced residents or visitors, people who cannot return home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, or people who had to leave their homes due to emergencies.

The authorities also added a general curfew throughout the city of Miami Beach, from 12 am to 5 am, starting Tuesday, March 24 at midnight, until further notice.

Attracting visitors and tourists is incompatible with social distancing, Gelber said. To the many amazing operators and employees affected and the families who trust them. We are sorry that you feel it more acutely and we will advocate, for any relief that is available at the state and federal level.

Officials are also closing the boat ramp, at Maurice Gibb Park. They clarified that all marinas, boat launches, docking, fuel supply, supply maritime and other services of the port, will remain open between 7 am and until sunset.

Empty Miami beaches with boats on the shore

They are also closing the boat ramp, at Maurice Gibb Park.

Example of what not to do on the beaches of Miami Beach

Miami Beach, it is national news, as spring break continued to party very blatantly on the beach, as the virus spreads. Thanks to this, and by not following the indications, that the beaches of Miami Beach are closed, there are consequences

TO beginning this week, organizers of the Winter Party Festival, an LGBTQ friendly party, held annually in South Beach since 1994. They said, one participant tested positive for COVID-19. Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported, that a group of six men from Boston flew to Miami for the festival, and four tested positive for COVID-19.

In other parts of the county, spring break videos They went viral, as an example of what not to do during the pandemic. That is, binge drinking in crowded bars.

Also, the local Flanigan chains, in defiance of social distancing guidelines. They told the equipment television news, who were not afraid of contracting the disease or spreading it to the vulnerable.

Now, Mayor Giménez announced that he will sign an order to close virtually all businesses in the county. Including non-essential retail stores, private educational facilities, casinos, and other recreational and entertainment activities, to combat the outbreak. He did the same when he said: Beaches Miami Beach closes.

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