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Mind-blowing challenges in skydiving



Thousands of users on the net echo such so-called daring. I hope they motivate you to overcome your fear of heights.

Looking for some excitement? Read until the end so that you know a place and a brave one who is proof of everything

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Tandem jump, Portugal

challenges in skydiving 1

Tandem jump at 3000 meters high

It’s one of the most famous skydiving sites around the world. The jump is made from 3000 meters high.

The challenge is to jump from a plane, but always connected to your instructor. Before the event, you receive short lessons, where they teach you how to take better advantage of your experience.

From the sky, the views of the Alentejo fields on the outskirts of Évora they are impressive. It is almost inevitable to feel your heart rate increase as you approach the door of descent.

The root cause of the fame of this skydiving training ground is that you can jump almost at any time of the year. The weather conditions are excellent. Besides being a very beautiful place for its landscape and being away from the big cities.

The city where this point is located is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For this reason, a brief exploration of the hotels and the region will make you love the visit. It is ideal to share with family or friends on vacation.

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Diabetes at 5000 meters

challenges in skydiving 2

The companions surrounded him to symbolize society and family in the fight against diabetes

It is common, when you go for a jump, to be asked if you have any heart or other conditions. People with certain conditions should not do this activity.

So it’s no wonder that one of the most well-known mind-blowing challenges in skydiving is the following.

The protagonist of the story is a 25-year-old young man named Manuel Zamora. A boy with diabetes, who was afraid of skydiving, but was able to overcome his fear.

On World Diabetes Day he performed a 5,000 meter jump to Show that the disease was not a limitation. His type I chronic diabetes causes high blood glucose, but not even that stopped him.

On November 14, the day of commemoration, the parachute drop was carried out, with the collaboration of the Sanofi pharmacist from Skydive and 6 free fall professionals.

Manuel’s main risk was suffering from hypoglycemia, since he had never jumped from a parachute before and danger could be imminent. In his jump, the companions surrounded him to symbolize society and family in the fight against diabetes.

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The case of Manuel and the risks in the heights

challenges in skydiving 3

Manuel Zamora with his companion

For healthy people, such an adventure makes them push their body to the limit and live an unforgettable experience. However, in the case of patients like Manuel, it is a real danger. There is a close relationship between glycemic control and fear, elements that are destabilized when doing a free fall.

The adrenaline in the body causes Manuel to change his insulin levels abruptly. In this situation there is a total decompensation of your treatment, far from the appropriate parameters.

The message that we can live without fear of disease is really important. However, you must be aware of the consequences of not keeping a rigorous control of your habits and the effects on the quality of life.

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