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Minimize your home mortgage payment quickly



When you sign a mortgage, you establish the guidelines that establish the mortgage expenses and the monthly payment dates. Payments that can vary annually, however, you may need to review the loan bylaws at any time.

If you are going through a bad financial period and need to reduce your debts, perhaps minimizing the mortgage payment on your house can relax your economy a bit. To do this, you must take measures that do not drastically run over your finances.

Possibly lowering your monthly payment installments can allow you to take a break or give your budget some fresh air while you wait for your personal finances to improve a bit. Discover some tips to reduce your mortgage payment in an easy, fast and without many hassles.

Tips to minimize your home mortgage expenses

Minimize your mortgage payment

If you are going through a bad time in your finances, minimizing the cost of your home mortgage allows you to relax and give some air to your situation

Are you in a difficult financial situation? Do you need to release your financial commitments urgently? Are your home mortgage expenses very tight? If your financial needs are so compromised, it may be time to make some adjustments.

Credit Renegotiation: Reduce Monthly Payments or Term?

When you apply for a real estate loan with a banking establishment or specialized in credits, you are given an amortization table that sets the amount of the monthly repayment terms. Even with a fixed rate, you can request to review your loan term and monthly payments, up or down.

Lower monthly payments or credit duration?

If you are going through a bad time in your finances, minimizing the cost of your home mortgage allows you to relax and give a little air to your situation. This is entirely possible thanks to the grouping of loans, which allows you to reduce the amounts paid each month in exchange for an extension of the repayment period.

To achieve this result, the financial institution may offer to buy back the loans in progress, reschedule the duration, and renegotiate the rate. Therefore, the new monthly payment can be reduced more or less significantly, depending on the needs of the borrower and the financing possibilities.

As a general rule, the lender should make sure to propose a payment plan adapted to the financial capacity of the household. After this, you can offer several reduced monthly payments to fit your budget.

Decrease the duration of mortgage debt

Decreasing the time of your loan is a psychological option for borrowers

Decrease duration

Reducing the duration of your loan is a psychological lever for borrowers, who are nearing the end of their repayment period, even if only for one year. If credit pooling also allows for a shorter duration, it is essentially the mortgage buyback that borrowers use to shorten the duration of repayment.

For this, it is the rate that will play an essential role in reducing the duration and, therefore, the total cost of credit. Reducing the length of your repayment is very tempting for borrowers in a rush to ditch the banks, but the interest must be real, meaning that there is enough rate difference to be able to make real savings.

Lower the borrower’s insurance rate

There is an effective method to reduce your monthly payments, but little known to borrowers: change your mortgage insurance to opt for mortgage insurance delegation. In fact, credit insurance represents on average 25% of the cost of a loan, and changing the borrower’s insurance often allows contributions to be cut in half.

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Customize the total cost of your loan.

The customization of your contract offers the possibility of obtaining better coverage than the initial contract. Only one condition must be met: to provide mortgage loan insurance with equivalent guarantees with the signed bank contract. Otherwise, the bank will reject the termination request. External insurance is a cheaper option because:

    The vast majority of banks sell insurance with initial capital. This means that contributions remain as high even when part of the principal has already been repaid. On the contrary, external insurance companies calculate contributions according to the capital owed Individual contracts are priced tailor-made and if you practice a non-risky profession, your risk profile is much lower Individual contracts are very competitively priced

Changing the insurance of your mortgage loan has multiple advantages, among these: the cost is much lower compared to credit buyback operations, the economy is instantaneous and very real and you don’t need to extend your credit or change to a variable rate.

Another mortgage solution

It is necessary to reduce the duration of mortgage expenses simply by increasing the amount of monthly payments as much as possible

Other solution:

Reduce the duration of mortgage expenses simply by increasing the amount of monthly payments. A simple banking operation, but one that implies that the household’s payment capacities suffer an increase. To be sure, banks look at your debt ratio and assess your payment capacity.

Conclusion: What to drop? The duration or the monthly payment?

Rather, you must ask yourself the question: why are you looking to reduce your mortgage expenses on your loan? Did you receive a bond or inheritance sum and want to request an early refund? Your finances are not good these days and you are looking to reduce mortgage expenses a bit?

Reducing the amount of your monthly payments seems more like a backup solution, allowing you to slightly ease your budget in case of money problems or change of situation. But that necessarily lengthens the duration of the loan (the bank makes sure to recover the entire amount borrowed).

Therefore, reducing the duration of the loan is, at first glance, the most financially attractive solution. But in the event of a hit, lowering your monthly payment allows you to lower your interest while also reducing your monthly budget. Therefore, the choice will depend on your situation, your projects, your vision of life or other reasons that have arisen unexpectedly.

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