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More advanced research on the human brain



The human brain is the only part of the body that still has thousands of unknowns. It is the central machine of the entire organism and its most complex center of operations. This field of research is taking its first steps. Look at this!

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Four Incredible Great Advances in Neurotechnology

Discoveries made by neuroscience will seem like science fiction to you. Here is a list of the most relevant advances.

A magnet to study neurons

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The human brain can be described as a piece of meat covered in a shell of bones. Current technological developments have allowed the study of it to be expanded through neuroimaging with:

    computed tomography or CT, positron emission tomography or PET, and magnetic resonance imaging or MRI.

The problem with the first two techniques is the ionizing effect, which causes cancer in patients.

The latter is a non-invasive technology used to observe soft tissues. It is one of the most important techniques for accessing the brain and the basis of much research in this regard. It is the window to the mind of today.

By means of this giant magnet, studies of neurons can be made almost in real time. Additionally, MRIs can detect infectious and vascular diseases of the human brain, including disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Recover from paralysis with electrodes

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Recover from paralysis with electrodes

It wasn’t until the 20th century that the first in-depth investigations of some of the functions of the human brain began. Specifically towards the end of that century a treatment called deep brain stimulation.

Until its invention, the most successful treatment was electroconvulsive therapy. With the new process, only a few are surgically inserted implants that stimulate specific groups of neurons.

It was proven to be highly effective in controlling Parkinson’s and brain tremor. In addition, it was adopted as an alternative to treat obsessive-compulsive disorders and epilepsy. Its application against depression is also being studied.

One of the fundamental achievements of this technique occurred in 2018. A paraplegic person due to an accident was able to regain movement and partial control of their legs. For this, electrodes were inserted into his spinal cord.

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Restore the senses with implants

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The cochlear implant

Everything you feel, hear or touch is transmitted through Electric impulses that are processed in the human brain. A correct interpretation is what makes you see reality as it is. When biological media are not working properly, neurotechnology comes to the rescue.

A clear example is the cochlear implant, which has been done since the end of the 20th century and thanks to which thousands of people hear sounds. It is a microphone that sends electrical signals through electrodes to the auditory nerve, which constitutes a sensory restoration of sense.

Also nowadays they are made bionic prosthetics featuring pressure sensors to recreate the sense of touch. Another field under study is that of electronic retinal implants, which act directly with the optic nerve.

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Mind reading with sensors

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There are many experts who claim that reading thoughts is no longer a thing of science fiction movies. The brain waves can be recorded clearly enough to the point of being interpretable in great detail. Unfortunately there is still not enough development for that.

Using an EEG, exact mental vital signs, capable of operating a robot or operating system, are recorded. In the future, with a suitable program, it will be possible to generate letters and even words with telepathic signs.

There are many expectations for seeing interfaces where brain-machine interact. They are expected to be able to connect discreetly and communicate silently.

Some of the most recognized advances in this field of neuro technology are:

    Prosthesis mind controlRobots Mind control software Market neuromarketing.

It is a sphere of science that is in constant change and ascent. Thousands are the investigations that are made on the human brain and every day, what we saw only in movies is becoming more possible.

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