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More successful vaccines for treating cholera



It has been many years since the first case of cholera reported on our planet. Since then, millions of people have fallen ill and the death toll continues to grow today. Although vaccines to treat cholera have shown its effectiveness in stopping the wave of deaths.

In this article you will discover not only what this condition consists of, but also what is its most effective treatment.

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What is cholera

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Cholera is a highly contagious disease and is responsible for much of the deaths in underdeveloped countries. The bacillus called Vibrio cholerae is identified as its causative agent. The pathology is acute and manifests itself with abundant diarrhea, similar to rice water.

Cholera gravis is the most severe clinical form of the disease and is accompanied by a violent loss of fluid and electrolytes through the gastrointestinal tract. Without proper treatment, it can lead from hypovolemic shock or metabolic acidosis to death.

Best vaccines to treat cholera

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The most effective vaccines against the disease are claimed to be oral

Currently, it is stated that more effective vaccines against the disease they are the oral ones. In particular, there are three WHO prequalified oral cholera vaccines: Dukoral, ShancholTM and Euvichol-Plus. Which need to be divided into double doses to achieve absolute protection.

Dukoral is suitable for everyone aged two years and over. It should be administered with a buffered solution of 150 ml of brackish water in adults. The relevant interval between each dose is 7 days to 6 weeks.

Although it is usually very effective, in children 2 to 5 years a third dose is necessary. This vaccine is considered ideal for travelers, and with only 2 doses of Dukoral you get immunity against cholera for 2 years.

ShancholTM and Euvichol-Plus are considered as the same vaccine. However, its production was carried out by two different manufacturers. To administer them to the patient with cholera, only a buffered solution is necessary. Unlike Durokal, they work on anyone over one year old.

From one vaccine to the other, you must make sure to respect a minimum interval of 15 days. It is very important that you apply both doses, because at the end of the cycle, ShancholTM and Euvichol-Plus they will give you protection against cholera for 3 years. While one dose only provides short-term immunity.

ShancholTM was created with the ability to break the classic cold candle from + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C. Of course, for a short period of time and under supervised and controlled conditions. However, this vaccine shows an interesting and innovative design, which can be very useful for its spread in the poorest countries.

As an interesting fact, I tell you that those mentioned are the most correct vaccines to treat cholera. However, for now ShancholTM and Euvichol-Plus are the only ones available for mass vaccination campaigns. Which belong to the world reserve of oral cholera vaccines.

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Symptoms of the disease

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A symptom may be acute watery diarrhea.

The greatest form of contagion of cholera is through the consumption of contaminated water and food. Regarding the appearance of its symptoms, it usually happens between the first 12 hours and 5 days.

One of the most damaging factors of cholera is that, in many cases, the bacteria are inside the body and the infected person has no apparent symptoms. As for the few symptomatic ones, their most frequent manifestations are acute watery diarrhea accompanied by severe dehydration.

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Preventive treatment against cholera

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Oral rehydration salts

Despite its high incidence in the world, cholera disease is not difficult to combat. It has been proven that most cases are resolved with a rapid administration of oral rehydration salts (SRO). By preventing the effects, the chances of hypovolemic shock are also avoided.

Afterwards, patients should be given the necessary antibiotics to stop diarrhea, stop fluid loss, and reduce the amount of fecal excretion of Vibrio cholerae. In this way, the disease transition chain is cut.

Quick access to treatment guarantees the salvation of the infected person. Many studies claim that the fatality rate drops to figures below 1%, after successful primary care.

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