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Most famous works of art in the world



The planet is full of art and inspiration. Only a great artist can make the world move and impress with his thoughts. Just to draw or paint something anyone can do, but captivate and impress only true artists do. Here you have a top of the 15 best known and famous works of art in the world.

15. The wounded angel

The wounded angel, artwork

The wounded angel. Emblematic painting made by Hugo Simberg, cataloged as the National Painting

It was painted by Hugo Simberg from Finland. The painting reflects two very strange boys who are carrying an angel on a stand with his head bandaged and one of his wings soaked in blood.

Further, It is of great curiosity for people, the dark and cold look of the boy who is on the right. This makes viewers let their imagination run wild creating their own stories and theories about what the author wanted to reflect.

14. Woman with the lamp


Woman with the lamp

It is also popularly known as: ‘the light of hope’. This piece was created by Mr. SL Haldankar in the year 1945-46. Haldankar was born with the idea of ​​painting it in a festival Indian, seeing his daughter dressed in a sublime Indian costume with a candle in her right hand, while, with the other, she protected the flame from the wind so that it would not go out.

Haldankar made his daughter the subject of his painting, making her immortal just using paper and watercolors. These types of techniques were used intentionally by the artist since his intention was try out the possibility of making a beautiful work of art without any inconvenience. The work would never fall apart because this type of material is not easily erased like the others.

13. Salvador Mundi

savior of mundi

Savior of mundi

One of the most recognized works of art is that of Salvador Mundi, it was 66 cm x 45 cm long and wide respectively. It was created in 1500 by the artist Italian Renaissance Leonardo. It has right in the center the image of Jesus the Savior of the world and his hand making the sign of the cross.

Further, of having a globe that can symbolize the world that he came to save. This beautiful work moved the world for its symbolism and was one of the first paintings of the face of Jesus.

12. Dogs playing poker

This painting was painted in 1903 by CM Coolidge. Consists of 16 portraits of dogs of different breeds and colors, who are sitting at a poker table playing cards. It is considered an iconic representation of the American population during the first part of the 19th century.

11. Portrait of Juliette Recamier

This portrait shows Juliette Recamier lounging in a recliner chair wearing pretty clothes. simple, and her arms uncovered in a very sensual and seductive way. Currently this painting is in the Louvre museum in France.

10. No.5

It was created by Jackson Pollock. It is difficult for viewers to understand, but for the artist’s good eye it has great significance. The experts On the subject, they affirm that the meaning of this work is the eddies that form in Jackson’s mind just before creating a work, which are the ideas that try to come to light.

For his texture make it a unique and exemplary work and it was one of the most expensive paintings valued and sold for $ 140 million dollars.

9. The son of man

son of man

Son of man

The Son of Man is one of René Magrittees’ works of art. Surely you wonder why an apple instead of a head or a face. Well, according to experts, this was a symbol of the fruit of sin, with Adam and Eve, who after sinning by eating the apple, were expelled from the garden of Eden.

Then From this sin, humanity emerged, and little by little the man of today, the typical entrepreneurial man in a suit and tie, who struggles every day to get ahead.

8. Massacre of the Innocents

massacre of the innocents

Massacre of the innocents

This painting was painted by Peter Paul Rubens. It was inspired by the events of the slaughter of innocent newborn children in Belen, Biblical story, which caused horror in all the spectators.

7. One Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon of ..

Sunday afternoon

This painting is by the famous Georges Suerat, where it reflects the calm atmosphere of people on a Sunday afternoon on an island. Therefore, here you can appreciate the tranquility with which the people They enjoyed, in contact with nature, outdoors, unlike most young people today.

6. The flower bearer

This is one of the works of art by Diego Rivera, the most famous painter of the 20th century. This painting reflects a poor man struggling to carry a huge basket of flowers on his back. From this work emanates the effort of those people who with sacrifice every day they do everything to survive and bring bread to their table. A very peculiar characteristic of Diego is the bright and striking colors.

5. The girl with the pearl earring

Work of Johannes Vermeer. This beautiful work is often referred to as the Monalisa de HollandIt is already very difficult to understand the features of this girl’s face and what it is reflecting.

4. Night surveillance

This is one of the most notorious works of Rembrandt, its creator. This painting represents the movement of a city, which follows a man who is the captain. To achieve the effect of a city at night, Rembrandt I use dark varnish making his work unique and special. At present this painting is in the Rik’s museum in the city of Amsterdam.

3. Decapitation of John the Baptist

It was painted by Caravaggio. This painting is a very realistic representation of an instant in a murder in what looks like a prison. It should be known that the opacity of the image, as well as too the facial expressions of the crowd; make it a true traditional masterpiece. It is currently in the Cathedral of St. John in Valletta in Malta.

2. The birth of Venus

Enter the works of art, this is well known and was created by Sandro Botticelli. This is a painting that symbolizes the emergence of the sea, of the beautiful woman who is the Goddess Venus. The most particular this painting is simply the beautiful face of the Goddess Venus and her withdrawn bearing. Today we can find it in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

1. La Monalisa

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa

This is possibly the most famous painting in the whole world is Leonardo da Vinci’s Monalisa. It is important to know that this lady was named Gherardini. I know went back This portrait is famous for the expression of the lady that is considered impossible to decipher. This painting is currently on display in the Louvre, France.

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