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Most viewed tik tok in 2021



Surely you have heard of Tik Tok, the platform has been revolutionizing the internet since 2019. The success of this social network is based on its format of 3 to 60 second videos of humor, dance, challenges, comedy and endless themes.

The application has a number of users exceeding 800 million. Incredible true? Becoming one will take you out of your daily routine with hours of pure fun.

There are multiple publications on this social network. Are you interested in visiting the funniest, most interesting videos that attract the most followers? I invite you to know the 8 most viewed videos this year.

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The 8 Most Viewed Videos on Tik Tok in 2021

You are fan? If you are, you will know that there are videos and tiktoquers that have gone viral. If you are new to the platform it does not matter, below, you will be able to know 8 most viewed Tik Tok in 2021.




Tik Tok is a social network where you can follow content to your liking. Despite this, you may wonder what it is the video with the most views in so far this year. The answer to this question is Jumping.

Posted on January 12, 2021 in the account spencer2thewest. Unlike other videos that have gone viral, this one has no music. Even so, it has managed to place itself on the list of the most viewed in the entire history of the platform.

Best Tik Tok Dance Trends 2021


Best Tik Tok Dance Trends 2021

The dances with the most popular songs of 2021 have garnered the most views. You can search for charlidamelio, addisonre or bellapoarch accounts to join their videos. If you don’t excel at dancing, don’t worry. The important thing is to have fun!

The topics with the greatest views respond to Erica Banks, Camilo, Kreepa among others. Just listening to these songs will awaken the dancer in you.

The hiding in the mirror

hiding place

The hiding place in the mirror

A tik tok published in 2020, but this year it is one of the most viewed ones. The account belongs to zachking and is popular for the special effects of the video. You will not regret looking for it.

The protagonist wishes to discover a hiding place, and failing to do so, he gets into the bathroom mirror. I promise you will watch it a thousand times to find the trick.

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The magic of editing


The magic of editing

Once again, Zach King and his magic become one of the videos with the most visits in 2021. With millions and millions of views, if you look for it you will find an illusion where the author seems to fly on Harry Potter’s broom.

A Guinness record


A Guinness record

You can see this Tik tok on daviddobrik’s account. The video is an experiment that has achieved more than 50 million views in 2021. With this challenge it managed to enter the Guinness World Records book.

Best friend check between The Rock and Kevin Hart

Tik tok most viewed 4

Best friend check between The Rock and Kevin Hart

The social platform is characterized by the amount of challenges that have gone viral. One of the most watched tik tok in 2021 is The Rock challenge with his friend Kevin Hart.

A sensual dance at the mall

Tik tok most viewed 3

A sensual dance at the mall

Another video that you can visit and you will not regret is published on the justmaiko account. With more than 23 million views, the video is another of the popular dances of this tiktoker. It takes place on the escalators of a shopping center.

Lip sync

Tik tok most viewed 2

Lip sync

In 2021 one of the videos with the most visits is the publication of bella poarch. It has been watched by more than 40 million users.

In it, Bella posts Jvke’s song with the lip sync feature. The tiktoquer is a clear example that achieving success on social media is unpredictable.

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Tips to succeed and be viral on Tik Tok

Most viewed tik tok

Guarantee the quality of your videos

This social network has transcended the barriers of age. What started by bringing young people together has become a platform for anyone with a mobile with an Internet connection. It presents options for all tastes, great curiosities, challenges, dances, stories, tricks. Much magic!

Would you like to be a tiktoquer and be successful on the most popular platform of the moment? Attentive! Although success sometimes depends on luck, there are some tricks you can use.

In the following lines you will find 4 tips to succeed and achieve tik tok with great views in 2021

    First of all, you must create a username that’s easy to learn from the people who visit you. you have to to be concrete with description of your videos. That is, define what type of videos are you going to publish? This will attract people interested in that topic. In third place, guarantee the quality of your videos. Invest in the best resources, so that your tik tok take on a professional appearance. By last, post creative content. The creativity in your tik tok will ensure that you have an optimal presence on the social network.

In 2021 the list of the most followed is constantly changing. However, considering the tricks you already read, some have become famous only for their videos on the platform.

Succeeding is in your hands. Follow the tricks, have fun and create videos. You will have hours and hours of pure entertainment on the most revolutionary platform of the moment.

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