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Natural remedies to eliminate intestinal worms



There is a very wide series of microorganisms that manage to invade the human body, within them are parasites. These are responsible for absorbing the nutrients that are for the body. Thus coming to cause different diseases.

Clearly, a situation like this cannot be ignored. Therefore, whether you are here out of necessity or out of thirst for knowledge; I invite you to discover what they are, their mode of transmission, symptoms and effective ways to eliminate intestinal worms.

These are the most common types of parasites in humans

Let’s talk about pinworms


Intestinal worms

You may have heard about the subject, but are not aware of its true meaning. If this is the case and you want to know more about said infection, your first question should be:

What are pinworms?

These are but one small class of worms that are responsible for specifically infecting the intestines of people, especially that of children. However, this is not a disease that should be very feared, later I will show you some ways to deal with it.

Who do intestinal worms infect?

Infection caused by roundworms is welcome in anyone, without discriminating between race, sex or age. However, statistically, the ages most likely to contract these parasites are between 5 and 14 years. 40% to 50% of school-age children suffer from this cause at least once.

How are these worms spread?

The form of transmission of these parasites is very simple, since their tiny size gives them greater mobility. Using the mouth as the first vehicle, the eggs enter the body and pass into the digestive system. All after the person has had contact with something contaminated and then has put their hands in their mouth.

Once inside the body, they nest in the small intestine, while the larvae go to the large intestine to park in it. Then, at night, female worms use the large intestine as a conductor to exit the body, deposit their eggs in the anal area and start the cycle again.

How to know if I have pinworms

It is almost impossible not to know when you have this disease. Among the cardinal symptoms you will notice worms in your stool at the time of excretion. Also, you can see them in your underwear in the morning. But without a doubt, the main symptom of intestinal worms is the intense itching that they cause in the anus.

However, although less likely, you may not have any apparent symptoms of a parasitic infection.

Great Ideas to Eliminate Pinworms

Without a doubt, the most orthodox way to treat an infection caused by parasites, in this case: intestinal worms; is to go immediately to a doctor. It cannot be denied that he is the only one prepared to analyze the disease and order a treatment.

However, there are many world-known remedies that can be the ideal complement to medicine. They will force these undesirable guests out of your body once and for all.

Be very careful, your pet can transmit these diseases to you

Milk with peppermint


Milk with peppermint

This type of drink on an empty stomach is an infallible remedy against infection by intestinal worms. This is because the peppermint is a medicinal plant that eliminates parasites due to its anthelmintic action.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    100 ml of skim milk 4 stems and 10 green leaves of peppermint 1 tablespoon of honey

You must add the milk and peppermint to the same pot and bring them to a boil. When the mixture is cold, add the honey and that’s it. This drink it should be taken warm and at least one hour before breakfast. The same process should be done twice with a week in between.

Epazote tea

Epazote tea

Epazote tea

Also known as paico, like the previous example, it enjoys being a good remedy due to its anthelmintic action.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    250 ml of boiling water 1 tablespoon of epazote leaves and seeds

Boil the water and then add the plant to it. Ten minutes later, you can serve the tea. Make sure to drink it while it’s still hot.

Rue tea with papaya seeds


Rue tea with papaya seeds

Effective in treatments against worms, this tea is usually quite effective in eliminating intestinal worms.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    1 cup of water 1 tablespoon of dried rue leaves ½ tablespoon of papaya seeds

Put everything at once in a pot and bring it to a boil. When it is time, put it aside and drink the tea, but always remember that it should be warm and this activity should be done in the morning.

Olive oil with garlic

eliminate intestinal worms 4

Olive oil with garlic

Whether raw or as a flavored oil, the consumption of garlic is known to be exceptional for the elimination of intestinal worms.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    500 ml of olive oil 3 cloves of shelled garlic 1 branch of rosemary

Peel and mash the garlic, then place it in a bottle of approximately 700 ml. Then close this and keep the oil stored in a dry and moisture-free place for a minimum of 10 days. Once you have it, use this oil to cook food and dress salads or soups.

Turmeric tea

eliminate intestinal worms 3

Turmeric tea

The active substance in turmeric inhibits the growth of various pathogens, including helminths and protozoa. So, in addition to its known anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric also has antiparasitic action.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    150 ml of water 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder

Add the turmeric to the boiled water and 15 minutes later, you can drink it. A maximum of three cups a day between meals is fine.

Anise tea

eliminate intestinal worms 2

Anise tea

For its part, this tea is a very useful supplement against parasites that inhabit the intestine. All thanks to the wonderful properties that anise has.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    1 cup of boiling water 1 tablespoon of anise seeds

Bring the water to a boil beforehand. When it has reached its boiling point, add the anise seeds and let them rest for 8 minutes. Then strain the result and take it at the end of each meal.

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Mugwort tea

eliminate intestinal worms 1

Mugwort tea

Under the scientific name of mugwort vulgaris, it is known that this plant is quite recognized for its antiparasitic function.

Ingredients and method of preparation:

    1 liter of boiling water 20 grams of mugwort leaves

Place the leaves in the container with previously boiled water. Let it rest for five minutes. Then strain it and drink it three times a day. Make sure the drink is hot each time.

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