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New methods to harness solar energy



Did you know that the use of solar energy can improve the quality of life? It is no secret to anyone that the sun is an inexhaustible source of light since the world exists. Science has advanced to such an extent that there are new ways to use the benefits of the greater star in our favor.

The time has come for you to disconnect the alternating current and apply a change of habits in your home. In our hands is the option of caring for the planet through sustainable practices. Are you ready to know the new methods to take advantage of solar energy? We begin.

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Methods for using solar energy

The sun is capable of providing enough electricity as non-renewable sources. For this reason, over the years, methods were created to take advantage of wind energy. Next, I will tell you about them and their functions.

Photovoltaic panels

Generate electricity It is the easiest and most basic way to take advantage of solar energy. Photovoltaic panels are a technological advance to feed current consumption in the home or business.

One of its greatest advantages is that the equipment offers the option of storage. Therefore, it can be connected to the grid or produce energy in batteries for later use.

Solar thermal energy collector

Thermal panels

Thermal panels that generate heat

On the globe there are several sunny areas such as Spain and Latin American countries. In these places you can take advantage of solar energy for keep the water hot. The thermal panels generate heat, and thus achieve a suitable temperature for the bathroom, kitchen and other functions within the home.

Ecological cold or heating

Air conditioner

Ecological air conditioning

It is known as ecological air conditioning to the consumption of clean energy that produces cold or heat. This saves up to 70 percent of electrical current.

The result is obtained using two different ways to take advantage of solar energy. The first is through photovoltaic panels that drive cold equipment. While the second variant is based on the use of solar collectors, which produce thermal energy at low temperatures.

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Solar pumps


Solar pump

Drip irrigation of plantations has been used for many years to avoid wasting water. Therefore, one of the methods to take advantage of solar energy is the use of solar pumps.

Within this technique there are several kinds of irrigation:

    Continuous pressure: no batteries, no accumulation of waterAutomatic watering: it is a programmed method to reach the most remote placesPivot movement of large farms: is supported by photovoltaic systemsDirect pumping from the sun: only applies to panels.

Solar panels for lighting

take advantage of solar energy 4

Solar panels for public lighting

Both large and less developed cities put this method into practice to take advantage of solar energy. Gardens, roads, parks and paths are lit by the electricity produced by the panels. In addition, the operation is very simple.

During the day energy is generated and stored. Then at night it is used in outdoor lighting. An important aspect is the autonomy in panels for lighting. Each location can have its own board or be connected to a central network, which requires more infrastructure.

Other solar inventions

harness solar energy 2

Electric vehicles

If you thought you had already read it all, you will be amazed by this invention to harness solar energy. For a long time, work has been done on the development of a technology that is applied to various devices.

Currently, it is possible to find electric vehicles moved by the source that is obtained from solar panels. On the other hand, devices that work with sunlight are being designed such as computers, home appliances, among others.

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Benefits of taking advantage of solar energy

take advantage of solar energy

It is the best way to provide electrical current in remote locations

Solar energy is the best consumer alternative versus the impact generated by non-renewable sources. The availability of oil and coal has decreased; therefore, it is necessary to use other systems that provide electricity.

It is important that you know that this procedure is one of the most used in the world. Therefore, this time I invite you to understand the benefits of taking advantage of solar energy:

    It favors sustainable development It minimizes energy imports It reduces the use of fossil fuels It is available all over the planet It is a unlimited renewable energy source.It is not dangerous, nor does it increase global warming.It increases jobs in the areas where it is installed.Through photovoltaic devices, solar energy is converted into electricity.The clean energy it produces is cheaper than that acquired by the electricity grid . It does not create greenhouse gas emissions or by-products harmful to the environment. Although the investment of components and installation is more expensive, the cost of use is low. It is the best way to provide electrical current in remote places, where the distribution of lines to carry energy is difficult.
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