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Salaries cuts to Spanish league footballers



The disease that is currently affecting thousands of people, the coronavirus, is devastating not only the health of human beings, but also the various sectors of sport.

Situation of salary cuts to footballers

Thousands of people are dying daily. There is not enough medical equipment to meet the needs of patients and, as if that weren’t enough, funds for catastrophes like these are quickly depleting.

It is for these more than justifiable reasons that the bosses of the famous Spanish League are urgently asking the football teams of their own league to cut salaries to footballers.

Soccer games were canceled worldwide at the beginning of the spread of the coronavirus, mainly because the first countries to suffer an extremely high number of infected and deaths were European countries: France, Italy, Spain.

footballers and their salaries

The bosses of the famous Spanish League are urgently asking their own league’s football teams to cut their salaries to footballers.

The salary cuts to footballers are aimed at the fact that the Spanish League is not receiving income, or at least, not the income necessary to support all the workers (which by the way, are not a small amount) that belong to them.

In addition to this previous reason, these cuts in salaries to footballers also allow more funds to be allocated to medical supplies, something that is currently pressing the world in general.

How do these wage cuts for footballers work?

The first to implement these wage cuts for footballers were the famous and acclaimed teams of Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona, ​​both teams in the Spanish League.

Both teams made a cut in salaries to footballers that consists of 70% of their normal income and those first-team players together with the heads and authorities of these teams. In order to convey their wages, or at least part of them, to the rest of the workers who are at home due to the current situation, they made a donation of their own savings.

Although it is true that many players do not agree with this salary reduction that is strongly requested, it is true that it is urgently necessary to meet the needs of patients and hospitals.

The football industry is very large and there are thousands of workers in this industry who are at home with a leave without pay, with the responsibility of supporting their family and who are not receiving any type of income for this.

That is why the Spanish League asks that the players become aware of this and help in the way they are asked.

A critical moment

footballers' salaries fall

The football industry is very large and there are thousands of workers in this industry who are at home with a leave without pay

As is already known due to the constant reports by all the information platforms that exist around the world. The coronavirus originated in China and in an extremely short period of time it spread to other regions of the world, wreaking terrible havoc wherever it passed.

The authorities and governments of the countries made the best possible decision to try to reduce the number of people infected and to try to make this period of extreme alert pass as quickly as possible. This best decision was social isolation or quarantine depending on the level of the situation in the respective countries.

Obviously, for this method of attempted sanitation to work properly it was necessary to close millions of jobs around the world, including soccer games. Although it was thought from the beginning that this could turn into a major economic problem, it was agreed that the first priority was to save the lives of millions of people.

It has been just over a month since this new measure was put into practice in most countries and empty jobs and without the possibility of their workers doing their jobs in any way, has resulted in a crisis in the workplace. economy. For this reason, it is necessary to cut the millionaire salaries of soccer players and dedicate those resources to the fight against this epidemic.

First measures taken by the different governments regarding jobs

Most people were aware that this was going to be a particularly difficult period, but at the same time necessary for the achievement of a population free of the virus.

The first thing that the authorities in most countries decided was to keep only strictly necessary personnel in the workplace. Those people who had to do their work from their offices, those who did not, were sent to carry out their tasks from the comfort of their homes.

Noticing that the situation was not improving, they decided to completely close the work centers and send all the workers home.

Although the jobs were unemployed, because the situation required it, different authorities agreed to distribute checks with money so that people could meet basic needs. Although they were not given the full salary, the money was being distributed to support the families in that period of social isolation or quarantine.

jobs in coronavirus season

The first thing that the authorities in most countries decided was to keep only strictly necessary personnel in the work centers

However, because the spread of the virus did not stop, medical centers and hospitals began to collapse due to the number of infected people who entered daily. The hospitals They did not provide enough, as well as the medical material to adequately care for the patients, the respiratory equipment was not enough. For this situation, many people like Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonel Messi donated thousands of dollars from their savings to help the cause.

Governments and authorities

This situation has increased to date, doctors are in the precarious need to remove respiratory equipment from those patients who are in the terminal stage of the disease to use them in other patients who do have salvation.

For these reasons, governments and authorities found it necessary to divert funds to buy medical equipment: masks, breathing machines, specialized suits to avoid putting the lives of the doctors who care for patients, among others, at risk. These funds come in part from the reduction made to the more universal sector of sports.

This is how those checks that people received had to be cut and affected and it is for this same reason that large companies are asked to distribute the salary of their workers in a reasonable way.

In this same case is the large football industry that is making cuts in salaries to footballers.

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