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Samsung s20 Ultra vs IPhone 11 Pro



If you are looking for a telephone really big, his decision became much more complicated. The 6.9-inch Samsung S20 Ultra has finally arrived, and it’s an astonishing device in every way.

From your camera system quadruple from 108 megapixels to its 5G connectivity, 5,000 mAh battery and 120 Hz screen.

It is also a very convincing alternative to compare it against the iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 inches, its triple camera 12 megapixel, 3,179 mAh battery.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Screen -6.9-inch AMOLED (3200 × 1440; 120 Hz) Rear Camera -108 MP aperture (ƒ / 1.8), 48-MP telephoto-portrait (ƒ / 3.5); 12 MP Wide Angle (ƒ / 2.2); flash type VGA Camera Zoom -40 MP (ƒ / 2.2) Connectivity – Up to 5G (sub-6GHz and mmWave) Video – 8K resolution at 24 fpsCPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 865RAM -12GB, 16GBStorage – 128GB, 512GBmicro SD –Yes up to 1TB Battery – 5,000 mAh Size – 6.6 x 2.7 x 0.34 inches Weight – 7.7 ounces

IPhone 11 Pro

    Screen – 5.8 inches Oled Rear Camera – 12 MP aperture (f / 2.2), 12 MP telephoto-portrait (ƒ / 2.0); 12 MP Wide Angle (ƒ / 2.4), Dual LED Flash Connectivity – Up to 4G Video – Recording 4K video at 24, 30 and 60 fpsCPU – Apple 4 core A13 BionicRAM -4GB LPDDR4XStorage – 64GBmicroSD –No Battery – 3,179 mAh Size 71.4 mm • 144.0 mm • 8.1 mm Weight – 188 g

Testing the Cameras

The devices are very useful when it comes to photography, both terminals take amazing photos and enthusiastic photographers could have some great creative moments with either of them. However, it is clear where the S20 Ultra wins: the zoom. Sure, at 100x or even 30x the images are not good.

But clarity at 5x and to a lesser extent at 10x opens up a lot of opportunities that are not available for you with the 2x lens of the iPhone Pro

But when it comes to overall image quality, the winner is not that clear. The Samsung S20 Ultra produces much more vibrant images and flashyBut many photographers prefer the iPhone’s more natural, lighter approach.

With night mode or with a close call. Both phones are responsive and produce excellent results. But iPhone 11 Pro may have gotten ahead of a couple of my tests, although not enough to affect someone’s purchase decision on that factor alone but it is something to consider.

Frontal camera

As for the front camera, there is a camera selfie 40-megapixel camera with an f / 2.2 aperture on the Galaxy S20 Ultra, while the iPhone 11 Pro has a 12-megapixel camera with an f / 2.2 aperture.

you could say that the camera will be 40 megapixels which is much better, but the differences between the S20 Ultra and the iPhone 11 Pro are not very noticeable. Unlike the iPhone, Samsung has a “beauty mode” that we deactivate, while the iPhone lacks this option.

Night mode

The two cell phones have a night mode, and both night modes do they work fairly good. On the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it’s a mode you need to enable that isn’t on by default. This is a bit tricky so we suggest you google it.

The iPhone 11 Pro appears to have better HDR processing and offers a more usable photo in low light situations. extreme. However, under more light conditions, they produce good images.

The S20 Ultra 108-Megapixel Camera

We need to mention that massive 108 megapixel camera. Definitely she has focus problems at the present time, and it’s hard to get her to focus.

When it works, it can deliver sharp, detailed photos that are really good if you need to crop, and have a depth of field, very remarkable for a nice background.

It also features a 108-megapixel camera producing massive file sizes, so this isn’t a lens you’ll want to use frequently. Samsung incorporated a feature which allows you to take more detailed photos with 12 megapixels.

Video comparison on both phones

iphone 11 pro and samsumg galaxy s20

iPhone 11 pro

The new Galaxy S20 has several striking attributes, one of the main new features of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is the 8K video, which is of higher quality than the video 4K offered by the iPhone.

The 8K video of the S20 Ultra it has a lot of quality, but it has poor image stability, which means that 8K video is not as good as it looks on paper but has a highly recommended quality.

When we compare the 8K video of the S20 Ultra with that of the 4K in the iPhone 11 Pro (both at 24 frames per second since that is the maximum for the S20), the crop factor of the S20 Ultra, the lack of stabilization is very noticeable

Facing 4K video versus 4K video (at 60fps), both cameras perform similarly in terms of stabilization and focus, although the iPhone 11 Pro seems to be a bit more stable. However, both are almost the same.


Deciding between the two will really come down to two factors: what kind of photos you want to take, and the price. The Samsung S20 Ultra starts at $ 1,399 (£ 1,199) for the version of 128GB, while the iPhone 11 Pro is cheaper at $ 999 (£ 1,049) for the 64GB version or $ 1,149 (£ 1,199) for 256GB of storage.

Simply put, as with most high-end smartphone camera comparisons, there is no clear winner. As he Samsung S20 Ultra like the iPhone 11 Pro have good cameras that are capable of capturing some incredible photos in good lighting conditions.

The iPhone comes out the winner when it comes to range dynamic and also its video stabilization, but the S20 has the best photos in portrait mode.

When it comes to your preference Image style, want vibrant, punchy images to quickly share on Instagram? Go for the S20 Ultra. Want more realistic shots? Go for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Of course, if you want to expand details distant, there is simply no competition. Go for the S20 Ultra.

All these aspects are important to take into account when it comes to the ideal phone for our tastes and technological needs

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